What topics are addressed in the GFB presentation?
It’s a combo of facts + stats about violence, how to trust intuition, practical safety tips in 4 basic life situations (on the street, in the home, in social situations, on the web) and finally…self-defense! Presentations on college campuses also address the striking link between alcohol and sexual assault, and the fact most assaults are committed by acquaintances.

What kinds of groups do you speak to?
Really, we’ve done it all. Corporate events, high schools, middle schools, colleges + universities, old folks homes, Jewish youth camps, karate schools, au pair associations – pretty much any group of women aged 12+ will enjoy this show.

How many people can you speak to at once?
Our average crowd is several hundred, our largest crowd was 2,500 and our smallest was 10. No crowd is too big or too small – we make it work! That said, GFB is designed for larger groups – it’s not a hands-on class or a workshop, but a high-energy, live show.

Will I get to beat up someone during the seminar?
Nope. Our seminar is “no contact” – meaning, you try the moves out in the air against an “imaginary mugger”. No hitting your neighbor. This is NOT a self-defense class, but a super introductory presentation about trusting intuition, preventing crime and the uber basics of self-protection. We refer all audiences to a hands-on, self-defense workshop at the conclusion of our seminar so women can further their education.

What logistics are required to bring GFB to my campus?
Our speakers bring most of the needed props for the show, but event organizers will be asked to provide an LCD projector, screen and wireless mic. Oh yeah, we’ll also need a man to volunteer to be our SBG (scary bad guy). His body will be used as a demo for the areas we strike and how contact is made, but he will not be hit or injured in any way. You can see a full list of logistics at the Event Planning Guide here.

Our group is religious/conservative. Can you tone it down?
We totally respect that, and yes, we can reel in the sassy. Our presentations can be as edgy or as tame as you are comfortable with. Just mention this during the booking process, and our speaker will also discuss this with you prior to the event.

How do I book a GFB seminar?
Easy peasy. Holler at us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP. (During the work week, our turnaround time is under 24 hours.)

Which speaker will conduct our presentation?
Speakers are assigned based on geography and tour logistics. Rest assured, our happy band of arse-kickin’ speakers are each ready to rock your event.

Does GFB present at other venues besides colleges?
Sure do! We have given presentations at middle schools, high schools, colleges, corporations, brownie troops, senior citizen’s centers…you get the idea. While we are focused on the college audience due to its high risk for violence, but we will speak to any audience of women wanting to fight back.

What about the  guys? Can men come too?
We offer a gender-neutral program called Students Fight Back for colleges that want to include men. We also offer a spring break safety program that is for both male/female audiences. But for other groups, we don’t have programs for men. We are happy to make referrals, however.

How much does it cost to book a GFB seminar?
It depends – so just contact us if you want pricing info. We strategically produce national tours based on geographic location to keep costs as low as possible for everyone. One great way to get the cost down is to join forces with other folks in your geographic area and form a “block” of dates in a row. Or, you can book a program during our off-season. If one of our speakers will be nearby (whether she lives there or is passing through), we offer big discounts.

Where can I find a self-defense class in my area?
Congrats on wanting to learn to protect yourself. Sign up to receive our Sassy Self-Defense Guide! The guide includes practical safety tips, smooth self-protection moves, and how to find an awesome self-defense class near you. Oh wait, did I mention it’s FREE? You’ll also receive occasional updates from GFB with news, gossip, discounts, freebies and more. –> SIGN UP HERE <–

Got other questions?
Just e-mail or call us. We always hollaback.