We had a great time with “Girls Fight Back!” We advertised the program as “Students Fight Back” and it worked really well. It’s great to have a program like this at a male dominated school. It truly helped open their eyes to the realities of the world! – MIKE KEEGAN, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Center, South Dakota School of Mines

She was fantastic at engaging students and keeping their attention. Good energy and mixture of activity and lecture. People who we never see at our events came up to us and thanked us for bringing her to campus. – ASHLEY HOFFMAN, Student Programming Board Chair, University of Minnesota – Crookston

Students were talking about and practicing what they had learned as they walked out of the seminar and all the way back to their homes. I was very impressed by that! – JORDAN COPLIN, North Dakota State University

GFB is amazing at getting this important information to women in a way that is empowering and engaging. I don’t think that I have ever heard anyone speak about self-defense with that much enthusiasm and humor. – STEPHANIE AHRENS, Baylor University

I’ve worked in Student Activities for some time now, and Girls Fight Back completely blew me away with their presentation. They were prepared, prompt, engaging, and professional. I haven’t been this impressed with an event in quite some time. – SARAH HILTON, Harrisburg Area Community College

GFB is truly sensational and inspirational. I love that she didn’t make me fearful of attackers or of being attacked. Instead, it made me aware of my surroundings, and her techniques made me feel safer. This presentation is one that I would definitely see again. – SUZANNE SMITH, Texas A&M University

Students Fight Back is a great program!  Though Miami U is location in a small, rural town, its not exempt from assault crimes. Students Fight Back gives students safety knowledge for their time on campus, as well as their lives after college. – KAYLEY KOSEK, Miami University

Girls Fight Back was easily the best program I have seen come to Denison since I have been here.  It was educational and entertaining.  The women who went could not stop talking about it the next day.  I will take what I learned from Erin and use it for the rest of my life. – BLAIR DUNLEVY, Denison University

Thank you again for a wonderful presentation. I completed all of my undergrad at Saint Francis and have sat through many many mandatory and non mandatory presentations that were good, okay, or just plain awful. So I am now working with the Center for Student Engagement for my graduate assistantship (5th year with the university) as I complete my masters and I can honestly and without hesitation say that: You gave one of (if not) the best and most well received presentation this campus has had in a long long time! So thank you again! - ELIZABETH ANASTASIO, St Francis University