Morningside College Friday – Fierce, Fun and on Fire!

Morningside College 2

What can I possibly say about Morningside College?  These kids were fierce, fun, and on fire to make their campus a safer place.  From the moment I arrived on campus to the moment the program was over we were laughing like old friends.  The turnout was awesome (and on a FRIDAY night!) and everyone was 100% into it.  I got some great questions after the program too.

Then something else magical happened.  The awesome student team that coordinated the event took me out to eat at a Mexican place that evidently has a pretty big following, La Juanita’s (La Jua for short).  No joke, my chimichanga was so good, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it.  And we were seated right next to this epic mural that I insisted we must take a picture in front of.  #diva

Morningside Cropped

I’ve had lots of awesome meals with amazing students in my almost 6 years with GFB, but let me tell you, Morningside College knew the way to my heart. Teaching students how to become their own best protectors AND eating cheesy tortilla wrapped saucy goodness?  Life just doesn’t get any better than that, friends.

-GFB Heather

Buena Vista University and Morningside College

I was so excited to go to Iowa as part of the FBP Fall Tour! Though I’ve never been there I’ve seen “Field of Dreams” enough times to know that I would like it. Having spent so much time in big cities, it was surreal driving down Highway 20 from the Sioux Gateway Airport with little else around but cornfields and windmills. For the record- Iowa looks exactly like you think it does and it’s awesome!

My first stop was Buena Vista University, which is nestled in the small town of Storm Lake. It was a really quant town that had what I consider to be heaven on earth- a Dairy Queen on every corner!  The University was only about 10 minutes from my hotel, hidden in a neighborhood that I thought couldn’t possibly lead to a University- until I got to entrance.

The BVU campus was beautiful and I was immediately excited to bring Students Fight Back to the ACES program. Everyone was so helpful in setting up and made me feel so welcome! Thank you to Matt and my student volunteers.  I had a great time speaking with the students! They gave great feedback, laughed and we were all entertained by our “scary bad guy”, Jamell.

Next stop was Morningside College. I really had no idea there were so many amazing schools hidden in small little towns! Morningside was another awesome school with a great campus…and a Dairy Queen.

I really enjoyed my time with the students here. We even got to spend a little one on one time learning some basic moves that they could use if necessary. Thank you Andrew for bringing us to Morningside and to the students who made the program so much fun!

Next stop…Old Dominion in VA! Hopefully with a functioning camera this time!