I’m not paranoid. I’m proactive…

Have you ever been laying in bed and you’re really comfortable, with your dog all curled up next to you and the pillows situated in perfect form? It’s the best! Then all of a sudden you get that nagging feeling that you didn’t lock the front door, or turn off the stove, or set the alarm? Now you’re faced with a difficult decision. Do I leave my comfort zone to check something I very likely did do? Or do I stay in my little nook and convince myself that all is well?

Unfortunately, many times we let the idea of not being paranoid take over and we resist doing the very things that can give us peace of mind and in some cases keep us safe from harm.

That alarm system is probably unnecessary, that person you get an uneasy feeling about is probably “fine”, that noise you heard was probably just the neighbor’s dog. How many times have you thought one of those things? You also likely spent a fair amount of time contemplating and worrying when through all of that “probably” you could have just made a proactive decision about your security and moved on with confidence.

Home alarm systems are a really effective tool in safety and peace of mind. If you can afford one, they are a great investment. If you can’t afford one, or perhaps live in a dorm or other residence where the system wouldn’t work, then check out our online catalog! There are some really great, cost effective door and window alarms that you can use anywhere!

If you get a nagging feeling about someone and your intuition tells you to stay away- there is a reason! Don’t let yourself be convinced that you are simply being paranoid. The polite police are not going to come get you if you are firm in your decision to keep these people out of your life.  Whether this is a co-worker, babysitter, or someone you met at a party don’t brush aside warning signals that you might regret later.

That noise could be your neighbor’s dog or it could be something else. I don’t suggest “checking it out”- we’ve all seen THAT horror movie! Why not take a proactive approach and call your neighbor? Ask if their dog is outside, or if they heard a similar noise. If you are really nervous, you can call the non-emergency line of your local police department and ask if there is someone in the area who could drive by and make sure everything is ok.

Any of these options are better than sitting around “hoping” you were right and that nothing bad will happen. Paranoia is worry without a plan. Proactivity is the plan. So get up from your comfort zone and go check the front door!  If you were right and you did lock it- so what? You’re just that much closer to the refrigerator. Get another spoonful of ice cream and call it a night!

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