Only 4 weeks to go until my baby arrives, and I’ve been nesting up a storm!  By reading that, you’d assume I’ve been busy cleaning the bathroom tile with a toothbrush or painting the baby’s room.  Not so.  I’m finding there is another kind of nesting for female business owners that I call “Business Nesting.”  Let me tell you, the cleaning can wait and the garage re-organization project may fall in the “things to do next year” category.  The baby furniture will get assembled…eventually.  But creating marketing materials and talking to sponsors for the upcoming Fall Tour and designing our public relations strategy and planning events around the USA and making sure my new Speakers and Sales Reps are ready to rock…well that can’t wait!

These past few months of training and creating systems for the future of Fight Back Productions has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.  It’s pushed me way beyond my comfort zone, in a good way.  While the final trimester of pregnancy brings on a whole slew of physical ailments from bladder overdrive to acid reflux, the excitement of building a company to be bigger than myself has kept me going.  And when people tell me to slow down, it’s hard…just because I’m having so much fun.

Maybe this makes me some sort of freak, but I have to say, just thinking about a world with more education about personal safety and self-defense thrills me and my staff. Our approach is fresh, new and different than anything you’ve ever seen in regards to personal safety education.  As John F. Kennedy once said: “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”  The upcoming Fall ‘09 Tour will reveal a whole new layer to our company vision, and it’s going to be new and awesome and better than ever.  Just wanted to post and say STAY TUNED for some good stuff…

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