Want a live GFB seminar for NO FEE?

My name is Erin Weed and I’m the Founder and CEO of Fight Back Productions, which originally began as Girls Fight Back in 2001. (https://www.girlsfightback.com) Over the past 8 years, I traveled the nation with the GFB seminar, teaching over a half million women to become their own best protectors.  I have also written a book, produced a live DVD and spoke at hundreds of schools, colleges, corporations and women’s groups.  And today I’d like to offer you a seminar for NO FEE during August 2009.

Let me explain…just 4 weeks from now, I’m expecting my first baby.  This transition into motherhood helped me realize how crucial it was to find other young women to give the presentation in my place.  After a national search this past Spring, the selection committee chose 6 incredible women to fill this role as Speakers for Fight Back Productions. In June, the selected Speakers spent a week here in Colorado for the GFB Training Academy. In the mornings they were ground fighting, taking on multiple assailants, getting out of pinning situations and wielding off armed attackers.  In the afternoons they were on stage, learning how to convey this life-saving safety and self-defense information to everyday women using humor and empowerment.  It was exhausting for sure, but they all made me proud.

Each of them graduated from that rigorous GFB Training Academy, and then began a 6-week intensive web study course.  As of July 31st, they will complete the online course and be ready for live speaking engagements. After Labor Day, they will begin traveling the nation for the Official Fight Back Productions Fall 2009 Speaking Tour.

The Speakers would love to practice in front of live audiences before the tour starts. Therefore, we are currently seeking schools, colleges, businesses, non-profits, women’s organizations or public institutions who would like to host a 90-minute seminar for NO FEE during the month of August 2009.  We only ask you pay the Speaker $100 to cover her expenses and giveaways at the seminar. We are looking for groups to arrange a no-fee event in the following geographic areas:

Salem/Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Nashville, TN
Winston-Salem, NC

If you’d like to set up an event for August, please call 1-866-432-2423.  Feel free to circulate this limited time offer among your friends, colleagues and networks.  This is a first come, first serve opportunity, so call soon and save a date!

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