Alabama girl fights back!

When my alarm went off at 3:30 this morning, I jumped out of bed, kissed my sleeping daughter, and headed off to the airport.  As I drove along, I thought…why do I do this? Was this what I really wanted when I got involved in Fight Back Productions? I was exhausted and a little bitter when I finally sat down in the airport to wait for boarding.  So, I checked my email to fill the time and found a google alert for an article with the title Ala. girl escapes from attacker by fighting back.  I was instantly reminded why we at FBP do what we do and why so many people in the self-defense industry push forward despite being confronted by the harsh realities of humanity every day.  We all say if we reach just one, it is worth it.  Well, kudos to this young girl and to everyone who worked to get her the training she needed to be her own best protector!

My flights went great and now I am ready for an afternoon of rest and relaxation before bringing Girls Fight Back to Texas State University – San Marcos tonight!

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