Way to go TSU Bulldogs!

Well, I’m back in the heart of Texas and having a much more leisurely trip than when I went to San Antonio a few weeks ago.  Yesterday,  I enjoyed some rest and relaxation at my hotel and some delicious tacos at Torchy’s Tacos. ( I highly recommend them!)

But by far the best experience I’ve had thus far was presenting Girls Fight Back at Texas State University – San Marcos! (Famous Alumni include LBJ and George Strait.) It was a beautiful room to present in.  My event coordinator Albert was a dream come true AND he played my scary bad guy!  It was an intimate crowd due to the large quantities of rain pouring outside (but hey, they’ve had drought conditions lately, so they need it!), but when they got fired up, you couldn’t stop them!  Since it was a smaller group, we got to practice some hands-on technique and I even got them rolling on the floor groundfighting.  Awesome!TSU

This morning I discovered with delight that my hotel has a waffle iron that creates waffles shaped like the state of Texas.  Yeehaw!  So I’m going to enjoy another day in the Lonestar State and then head out to rock Baylor University Girls Fight Back style.  Baylor girls are some long time GFB fans.  So much so, that they are rockin’ the GFB logo as their avatars on Facebook.  Sweet!

Can’t wait to hang out with all these awesome chicks tonight and throw back a Dr. Pepper float!

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