Old Dominion University

Dear East Coast,

Wow! I had forgotten how humid you get over there! 

That was my first thought when I got off the plane in Norfolk. My next thought was getting my car and heading to Old Dominion! It was late when I arrived and the program wasn’t until the next evening so I had the entire next day to hang out on campus.

I checked out the student union, took a walk around and met Kerry Kilburn, an ODU biology teacher who wanted to help the women get involved in her self defense classes right near campus!  I guess you can have a “filing folder” for both molecular bio and self defense…something I’m envious of 🙂 

The program that evening was awesome! The ladies at ODU were ready to learn about being bad victims and living safer lives…and then of course to kick some but! We had a great turnout- even though it was rush week. Thanks to all who took the time out of their busy schedules.

I was so excited when so many of the women waited after the program to learn about taking further self defense classes with Kerry!  Now they can learn so much more about palm strikes and ground fighting. 

Thanks again the the Women’s Center, my sound guys who made it all come together and my SBG, Dan.

Thanks also to my camera, who fooled me into believing it was no longer broken – but lied!  My camera phone didn’t give the beautiful ladies of Zeta Phi Beta justice, luckily some of the posters around campus came through. It was so exciting to see those!


Girls Fight Back @ ODU!

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