Slippery Rock University and Westminster College

“They” say you can’t go home again…but I guess it’s ok to visit! I was SUPER excited to bring Girls Fight Back to  Slippery Rock University  and Westminster College because it meant I got to go back to Pittsburgh! I’ve gotten so use to hotels and traveling alone it was such a nice change to stay with family, go out to some of my old favorite places and meet friends for coffee in the morning!

I also got the opportunity to have this and this! Absolute Pittsburgh staples that would likely have stopped my heart by now if I still lived there.

These programs (as well as others that I’m sure the ladies will discuss) were sponsored by Armstrong Cable…. and THEY ARE AWESOME. I can’t say enough about a company that would sponsor a program for students in their community that helps them to live safer lives.

Daneen, Tara and Matt invited me to dinner at North Country (awesome- go there, get the bread) and were so gracious and funny- thank you guys so much!

We spent Monday night with the ladies of Slippery Rock. Here I whipped out my oh- so-awesome deer impression and our SBG Jason learned that when he is buying his wife a pair of heels- he is not only making her happy…but saving her life! 


On Tuesday, we headed to Westminster. I need to give a very special shout out to David, of Theta Chi, for his wonderful PR attempt and then of course…for letting me point out his “targets”. I was excited to see that members of the community also joined us. I was glad to teach everyone about our company and what they can do to protect themselves.

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