WASC 2009

There is nothing that gets you going in the morning quite like 1000 high school student leaders chanting their school’s fight song, dressed in school colors, getting pumped for the weekend!


That is exactly what I found at the Washington Association of Student Councils conference, hosted by Union High School. Opening day brought me back to every pep rally I ever went to in school…and I LOVED it! We set up our table in the gym and waited for the crowd!

We were so fortunate to be able to present Girls Fight Back as a workshop the next day. This was the first time that this had ever been done, as workshops are typically all student run. 

Participants spend the weekend learning how to be better leaders, create successful programs and enhance school functions. In addition, the students learn from each other about various other topics, such as photography and crafts.

GFB conducted two workshops that were packed with young women who wanted to learn how they could be their own best protectors and possibly bring the full program to their school!

We talked about how we got started, what we do, and then went right into our 3 part self -defense series! We also talked about setting boundaries and had some time left for a little ground fighting and a discussion about improvised weapons. After all, this young woman taught us that no one should mess with high school students!

Thanks to everyone who worked to bring us to the conference. We had a great time and hope to spread the message that fighting that a girl is a very good thing to a high school near you!


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