Girls Fight Back! St. Mary-style!

St. Mary of the Woods College outside Terre Haute, Indiana is a beautiful place. There’s no getting around that. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, with melting snow-turned mud puddles strewn across the grounds, there is an ethereal beauty on this all-female Catholic campus. Plus, they raise real-live Alpacas (like a llama – very soft, very adorable).

How lucky am I that my job takes me to such interesting places?

The campus may be surreal, but there was nothing tame about the crowd of fierce young women that turned out for Girls Fight Back! on Monday night. The energy was high, and we had a great time “Bad Ass Ballet-ing” into the night.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to Jennifer Cassidy and Jeff Malloy of the Student Activities Committee. Their efforts made the event a rockin’ success!

And a very grateful nod to the three young ladies who took time out of their schedules to drive me by the Alpacas. They were … the highlight of my trip. Seriously.

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