Gettin’ Crazy at Clover

My trip to Clover Park Technical School was much easier than my previous South Dakota excursion as it is only about an 90 minutes from my house! I love traveling, but wow is it nice to drive to a program and be able to drive back home after.

This school had a really cool student center and the set up was awesome! CPTS is a commuter school and I was really impressed with the group that turned out. They also laughed at my jokes, so that helps ­čÖé

The students had participated in an anti-violence campaign and committed that “These Hands Don’t Hurt”. I thought that was really great and a very welcome sight. I’m on the road again and forgot the connector to get my pics off my camera and onto the computer, but they’ll be coming soon…

Thank you to Gwendolyn for your efforts to bring GFB to Clover Park and to ┬áSean for being an awesome “Scary Bad Guy”. ┬áThank you also to the amazing students who spoke to me after the program- I’m sure you’ll do great things…

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