GFB at the YWCA of Warren Saves My Weekend!

The Warrior Women of Warren.
A few of the Warrior Women of Warren.
The first half of my Saturday was excellent. I laughed and talked self-defense with an incredible crowd of young women at the YWCA of Warren, Ohio. The event was completely seamless, the crowd was pumped and my Scary Bad Guy, Cory, might have been the best SBG on record. All in all, a fantastic morning.

But all good things must come to an end. A three-hour flight delay in Cleveland Saturday afternoon caused this road warrior to miss her connecting flight from Baltimore to Nashville. After being informed by a less than sympathetic airline desk agent that “it is not airline policy to put passengers up in hotels, even when airline error causes them to miss the last flight home of the day,” I came about as close to a complete nervous breakdown in BWI airport as I ever want to. I mean, have you ever tried to sleep on those airport chairs? Not exactly an appealing option.

Luckily for my back and my nerves, the passengers on my flight quickly turned into an angry mob (not really – but close!). Heated words were exchanged (not by me!), supervisors were called and, to make a long story short (too late!), hotel vouchers were reluctantly issued.

The aloft hotel turned out to be charming, even if there was a BUMPIN’ party in the lobby. My sixth-floor room offered reasonable quiet (except for the part when the birthday girl stumbled out of the hotel screaming, and I could hear her and her posse through the window), which was crucial since I had roughly five hours before it was time to rise and shine for the flight home. A quick sleep, to be sure, but it beat stretching out in front of the Cinnabon. Hands down.

The moral of the story, friends, is that travel is an adventure. BUT my time in Warren with those wonderful girls made everything worth it. I want to thank Toni and the rest of the staff for putting on a completely enjoyable event. Cory – you really were a wonderful (and memorable) Scary Bad Guy. And to everyone who came out on a Saturday morning, laughed at my jokes and opened your very own can of whoop-ass: thank YOU for being the absolute highlight of my weekend. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way!

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