I Heart PA!

So…it’s no secret that I love Pittsburgh. I may have mentioned that a few times in past blogs. Erin had spoken at Cal U the night before so we met at Schenley Plaza– which is right in the middle of the Pitt campus and Carnegie Museum. I will have you all know that the first words out of her mouth were “Is it possible that I have totally underestimated Pittsburgh!?” Yes. Yes it is… J

I pretty much love PA in general…so I was SUPER excited to speak at Penn State and Juniata!!

After a great Easter weekend with friends and family I headed out to State College on Tuesday afternoon.  Now, I pretty much know everything about this school. I grew up hearing all about “Happy Valley”, the football team and I would say about half the students who went to my high school went here.

The Girls Fight Back program was sponsored by the Center for Women Students and co-sponsored by the school’s Men Against Violence chapter.  Penn State definitely lived up to my expectations. Great campus. Great Students. Special thanks to Susan DelPonte for bringing us…and for working so hard to help make the students on campus safe.

On Wednesday, I made my way over to Juniata College for a Students Fight Back presentation.  I had a few friends who graduated from here as well. When I arrived on campus, I was actually pretty bummed it was not a school I had considered, as the campus was absolutely beautiful. It’s just the kind of school I would have chosen while playing the “ If I’d known then what I know now” game.

The group here was a little smaller, which is great because it allowed for one on one time and I got to hear some great questions and feedback.

Thanks to Kristen and my “scary bad guy” who is a great a computer technician as he is a helpful target. J

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