Self-Defense Class at Krav Maga Portland

On April 3, I had the opportunity to take a self-defense class taught at Portland Krav Maga with Renee Jenkins. It was a padded attacker class, with krav staff helping with instruction and volunteers from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office as the padded attackers, aka, the guys who are graciously willing to take a beating. 🙂

It was overall an awesome class full of supportive students and instructors and we all learned some valuable lessons in self-defense and how strong we really are. I also really liked that I got to share the experience with my friend Alana, who was awesome enough to come with me. I really love when my friends participate in and support the movement.

Like any class there were pros and cons . . . Here they are!

•Very supportive staff and students. Nobody utilized fear-based tactics and everybody kept it empowering;
•They taught simple and effective techniques that people of any size can utilize successfully;
•Cost effective. The class was only $40 and all proceeds went to the Clackamas County Women’s Shelter;
•Repetition. We got to practice multiple strikes against pads before going at it with the padded attackers.

•The verbal boundary section could have been more organized with instructors running through scenarios with each student;
•The padded suits our awesome volunteer attackers wore were not completely effective. As an illustration, I delivered a knee strike and bloodied someone’s nose . . . Don’t judge me; I was in the moment and it was an attack scenario.  However, after that happened, I wasn’t comfortable utilizing full force.

Overall, it was awesome. You may have noticed I love the word “awesome,” but rest assured, I don’t just give it away and this class definitely earned the distinction. I left feeling empowered and prepared. Big thanks to Renee and Krav Maga Portland for putting on such a stellar event!

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