Rain, Rain Go Away. Leave Me Alone. I Don’t Want Any Problems.

I have news. Spring has not arrived in New England. Or, if it has, it chose hatefully to take a day off when I stopped in for a visit earlier this week.

But that’s OK, because cold and damp did not take the fire out of the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut Tuesday night, where Girls Fight Back had 300 fierce high school women throwing knees and exercising their vocal cords.

Stop! Leave me alone! I don’t want any problems! Yes, old man winter, that means YOU! But I digress.

The event was fantastic, and I want to throw out a particular thank you to Ms. Andi Orben, who flashed her mad organizing skills to pull off a completely smooth evening, David, our AV tech extraordinaire, and Sam, maybe the nicest, least-threatening scary bad guy volunteer. EVER.

And finally, to the ladies of Taft: you palm-ed, you knee-ed, you knee-ed and you rocked. Thanks for sharing your contagious enthusiasm with me. And for not making fun of my frizzy rain hair. I owe you!

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