Eat, Drink and be Married!

I have done all of the above this past few weeks! It’s been non stop planning and partying around here. Having 98% of our guests coming from out of town, we made our wedding a 3 day event- at the end of which everyone knew everyone. I realized that the main reason people cry at weddings is because they’re so overwhelmed with all the love in the air- and not just the bride and groom. It’s so amazing to bring your circle of friends and family together and it makes me happy to see old friends from high school sending messages to new friends I met in LA or here in Seattle that they now count as their own.

My fabulous new husband and I took a road trip from Seattle to Sacramento for the wedding of a good friend the week after our celebration. There’s something really soothing about a road trip with junk food , satellite radio and someone you love. My husband was a Marine who now has a pretty ..umm…interesting job in the security world. I could tell you more but I would have to kill you 🙂

We talked a lot about how lucky we are, something perhaps with our careers and experiences we’re both more aware of than most. We talked about a lot more ( approx 1400 miles worth of conversation) and ended up having a really great time down the coast. It made me think that perhaps every once in a while it’s a good idea to take a long drive with the people in your life and focus on your own luck…and love.

The fabulous ladies of GFB ..we couldn’t resist.


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