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I Heart Huntingtown High School!

GFB Jaime and Dena, the awesome lady who brought GFB to Huntingtown High School.

Last week while I was on the east coast, I got to bring Girls Fight Back to the fabulous young ladies of Huntingtown High School. I was so excited when I peeked out from backstage and saw about 700 high school ladies ready for GFB.  This event was jam-packed with excitement.  The ladies were pretty much a perfect crowd . . . super energetic with just the right hint of sass.  I also had a scary bad guy who doubles as a drama teacher in real life.  I would like to drop a big thanks on Mr. Andersen for being the most believable SBG yet and an even bigger THANKS on Dena for all of her hard work to bring GFB to the high school.  We all truly appreciate it.  Finally, Push Pause TV on Fios covered the seminar and is putting together a story on Girls Fight Back at Huntingtown High School. All around, it was awesome!

To all of you wonderful ladies at Huntingtown, I had an amazing time sharing GFB’s message with you and talking with you after the seminar.  Thanks, everybody and stay dangerous!

Girls Fight Back at Salisbury University!

GFB Jaime rockin' the sweet shades from Salisbury University.

Hi all!  Last night was awesome for a couple of reasons.  First, I got to hang out with the lovely ladies of Salisbury University.  Second, they gave me the sweet shades you see in the picture at the top of this blog.  We had a great time talking about intuition, awareness, and kickin’ booty! I want to give a big thanks to the wonderful ladies who coordinated this event and brought me to campus.  I had a fabulous time at Salisbury . . . Stay dangerous, ladies!

Fighting back at Salisbury University.

You Don’t Look Like It . . .

Hi everyone.  I checked in to my hotel today and met the very nice man who manages the hotel.  He asked what I was doing in town and I told him about Girls Fight Back and what we do.  He looked at me like he was really surprised and asked, “You teach people self-defense?” I said yes and he replied, “You don’t look like it.”

Just to be clear, he definitely did not mean this as an insult; he just found it surprising.  I actually think it is kind of cool and goes to show that it doesn’t matter what gender you are or how big and muscley you are . . . and yes, I just made up the word “muscley.”  It just shows that anyone can learn to defend themselves and, once they reach a certain point in training, can teach other people how to defend themselves. 

The main message here is not to let your size or anything else about yourself make you thinking are not capable of being your own best protector, because it’s more about your fighting spirit and willingness to really go for it than size or some other variable.  Also, for all you ladies out there, remember that fighting like a girl is actually a good thing. 🙂

From Miami to Walsh.

Miami University throwin' down!

Okay, I admit both places were in Ohio so it wasn’t quite the glorious road trip that the title implies.  Last week, I spent some quality time in Ohio and the first stop was Miami University and they were super cool . . . and creative.  For example, The Programming Board has an amazingly large banner that they named Abraham, which stands for “A Banner Reaching Awesome Heights and Miracles.” Once I heard that, I knew I was with good people and that we were going to have a good time.  I had a great time talking with everyone about personal safety and kickin’ booty when necessary.  A big thanks goes out to Devin, the event coordinator and Scary Bad Guy.  Devin is actually a repeat Scary Bad Guy and has mad skills in this area. 

The next stop was Walsh University and, while they did not have a banner named Abraham, Bernie, one of the event coordinators, taught me a catchy song called “Stop,” which is a song about ending harassment and other inappropriate things.  The crowd was awesome, very interactive and entertaining.  I have to a throw out another big thank you to Steven, my very, VERY nervous Scary Bad Guy and Mike, one of the other awesome event coordinators.  And, Mike don’t think I forgot about the pony I demanded in return for this seminar.  I’ll keep an eye on my mail for it.  🙂

Overall, my trip to Ohio was a huge success and a lot of fun.  I had a great time with all of the awesome students at Walsh and Miami!

GFB Jaime with the awesome event coordinators at Walsh University!

Fight Night with Prepare Portland!

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.  Fight Night is as cool as it sounds.  Last week I went to a refresher course with Prepare Portland.  They teach IMPACT style self-defense and they’re awesome.   I took their basics course a while back and I was so excited when I got an email saying Prepare Portland was putting on a refresher course called Fight Night for their Basics graduates. 

GFB Jaime and Prepare Portland Founder, Lia layin' down some fierce moves.

Fight Night was a 2.5 hour long refresher course where we could brush up on techniques we learned and go over anything that felt rusty or that we just thought would be fun.  We covered everything from verbal boundaries to ground fighting.  As you can see from the Fight Night photo, our Scary Bad Guy (who is actually a good guy just playing a bad guy) took his fair share of blows.  Thanks for takin’ it like a champ!

Big thanks to the super cool Prepare Portland people for putting on a great refresher course. If you too would like to be super cool, you can keep up with them on their website and facebook page.

GFB Jaime striking a pose with Prepare Portland Co-Founder, Finn. (He's the one with the big head.)


Road trippin’ in PA and KY…

I always learn valuable lessons when I travel. My top three for my trip from Penn State Altoona to Eastern Kentucky University are:

1) On road trips -never wait to go to the restroom thinking there will be a stop coming up after the one you’re choosing to pass.

2) If you decide (in your pajamas) to get something from your car at night- always check to make sure you grab your hotel key, not your debit card.

3) There’s only so many t-shirts one can purchase pertaining to the city of Pittsburgh.

I think these are all fairly self -explanatory, so… let’s just leave it at that.

Penn State Altoona was awesome.  There was a great crowd all fired up for the Girls Fight Back program! The local news station jumped in on the action too, with their reporter Ben serving as one of my “scary bad guys”.  You can check his coverage of the evening out here.

I spent the next day hanging out in Pittsburgh with some friends and eating way too much fried food before heading to Eastern Kentucky University for Students Fight Back! Having grown up in PA, I have to say I was kind of surprised that it wasn’t all that far away. I mean, I’m aware of its placement on a map and all…but it just seems like it should be more South. No? Just me? Ok.

The Student Activities team at EKU rocks. They had so much energy and were clearly interested in making sure the incoming freshmen and student body have great programs. Uh…clearly, since they brought us J

I felt very welcome in Kentucky and had a great night with the students at EKU. I also learned lesson four- my GPS is not always right. Big ups to Jackson at BP for helping me find my way.

It was a great trip and I hope to visit both campuses again.



Bethany College

So, I recently headed up to West Virginia to teach the awesome students of Bethany College how to kick ass Students Fight Back style.  Now, I’m sure we all have our stereotypes about West Virginia, but honestly, I found only one of them to be accurate and that is that there really are a lot of wild animals in West Virginia.

I was driving on the backroads and twice had to come to a screeching halt for some little woodland creature to cross my path.  Ok, maybe not little woodland creatures because the first time I stopped it was for the biggest wild turkey I’d ever seen in my life, but the second time it was for a sweet little beaver.  I could sworn he winked at me as I slammed on my brakes and kept him from being crushed under my tire.  After that, I drove about 10 MPH under the speed limit just to be safe.   I also saw horses, cows and a full grown buck with huge antlers so close to the road, I could have rolled down my window and touched him.

The Bethany College campus was beautiful and in the middle of the most peaceful little town you’ve ever seen.  We had a small but mighty crowd and everyone seemed to have a blast.

So, my advice for anyone travelling through WV?  Watch out for woodland creatures and don’t mess with Bethany College students.  They are more than ready to defend themselves!

Double Header in Delaware!

Wesley College was awesome enough to host a Students Fight Back double header.  That’s right people.  It was Students Fight Back, back to back, double the fun and awesomeness!  I want to give a big thanks to the audiences.   Both were so enthusiastic and willing to participate.  Talking with all of you really made my day and you were all amazing to work with!  They were also brave enough to take on the freakish Delaware rainstorms to spend some time learning all about personal safety.  Another big thanks goes to Sara for all of her hard work coordinating double the fighting in one evening.  You can see some of our fierce moves in the photos. 

Girls Fight Back at Elizabethtown College!

Stop number three on the Pennsylvania seminar trail was Elizabethtown College and it was GREAT!  The crowd was full of energy and a little rowdy with some shenanigans up their sleeves . . . Just the way I like them.  Heather Rhodes deserves a big thank you for bringing Girls Fight Back! to campus.  I’ve been the worst about getting a picture before the whole crowd leaves lately but I did manage to snag a photo with the lovely ladies you see above.  Thanks Elizabethtown!