Bethany College

So, I recently headed up to West Virginia to teach the awesome students of Bethany College how to kick ass Students Fight Back style.  Now, I’m sure we all have our stereotypes about West Virginia, but honestly, I found only one of them to be accurate and that is that there really are a lot of wild animals in West Virginia.

I was driving on the backroads and twice had to come to a screeching halt for some little woodland creature to cross my path.  Ok, maybe not little woodland creatures because the first time I stopped it was for the biggest wild turkey I’d ever seen in my life, but the second time it was for a sweet little beaver.  I could sworn he winked at me as I slammed on my brakes and kept him from being crushed under my tire.  After that, I drove about 10 MPH under the speed limit just to be safe.   I also saw horses, cows and a full grown buck with huge antlers so close to the road, I could have rolled down my window and touched him.

The Bethany College campus was beautiful and in the middle of the most peaceful little town you’ve ever seen.  We had a small but mighty crowd and everyone seemed to have a blast.

So, my advice for anyone travelling through WV?  Watch out for woodland creatures and don’t mess with Bethany College students.  They are more than ready to defend themselves!

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