Fight Night with Prepare Portland!

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.  Fight Night is as cool as it sounds.  Last week I went to a refresher course with Prepare Portland.  They teach IMPACT style self-defense and they’re awesome.   I took their basics course a while back and I was so excited when I got an email saying Prepare Portland was putting on a refresher course called Fight Night for their Basics graduates. 

GFB Jaime and Prepare Portland Founder, Lia layin' down some fierce moves.

Fight Night was a 2.5 hour long refresher course where we could brush up on techniques we learned and go over anything that felt rusty or that we just thought would be fun.  We covered everything from verbal boundaries to ground fighting.  As you can see from the Fight Night photo, our Scary Bad Guy (who is actually a good guy just playing a bad guy) took his fair share of blows.  Thanks for takin’ it like a champ!

Big thanks to the super cool Prepare Portland people for putting on a great refresher course. If you too would like to be super cool, you can keep up with them on their website and facebook page.

GFB Jaime striking a pose with Prepare Portland Co-Founder, Finn. (He's the one with the big head.)


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