Road trippin’ in PA and KY…

I always learn valuable lessons when I travel. My top three for my trip from Penn State Altoona to Eastern Kentucky University are:

1) On road trips -never wait to go to the restroom thinking there will be a stop coming up after the one you’re choosing to pass.

2) If you decide (in your pajamas) to get something from your car at night- always check to make sure you grab your hotel key, not your debit card.

3) There’s only so many t-shirts one can purchase pertaining to the city of Pittsburgh.

I think these are all fairly self -explanatory, so… let’s just leave it at that.

Penn State Altoona was awesome.  There was a great crowd all fired up for the Girls Fight Back program! The local news station jumped in on the action too, with their reporter Ben serving as one of my “scary bad guys”.  You can check his coverage of the evening out here.

I spent the next day hanging out in Pittsburgh with some friends and eating way too much fried food before heading to Eastern Kentucky University for Students Fight Back! Having grown up in PA, I have to say I was kind of surprised that it wasn’t all that far away. I mean, I’m aware of its placement on a map and all…but it just seems like it should be more South. No? Just me? Ok.

The Student Activities team at EKU rocks. They had so much energy and were clearly interested in making sure the incoming freshmen and student body have great programs. Uh…clearly, since they brought us J

I felt very welcome in Kentucky and had a great night with the students at EKU. I also learned lesson four- my GPS is not always right. Big ups to Jackson at BP for helping me find my way.

It was a great trip and I hope to visit both campuses again.



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