Greeks Fight Back in Michigan (even though it’s cold there) !

First, I just need to say how proud I am of myself! I know it’s totally selfish to start a blog about my own awesomeness, but it has to be said- I have become an expert traveler. People who know the “old traveling Megan” are probably laughing at this, but the tables have turned my friends. I can pack all needed belongings in the smallest of carry on bags, get through security in record time and finess my way to better seats once on the plane! Then the best part, when I arrive to my destination and get my rental car- I don’t get lost! It’s truly amazing and I’ve lost all fears of traveling and/or not knowing where the heck I am. Ok. Moving on…

Michigan is not warm this time of year. I’m super glad the coat won out in the “should I bring a coat” debate. I did the Greeks Fight Back Program at Albion College and it was awesome! I don’t get to do this program a whole lot, so I was really excited to have a room full of Greek leaders…and there were a lot of them! One of the important messages we stress in this program is being a good bystander. I think this is important for everyone, especially this community. Greeks can have a big influence on their campus community and I reminded them, a la Superman, that with great power comes great responsibility. They were a pretty great group, so I ¬†imagine they already take the message to heart, but I hoped learned some valuable ways they can help keep their campus safe.

Thanks to Jason(anyone from Pittsburgh is an automatic buddy of mine) and Lisa from Kappa Delta!

Let’s end with my not so strong quality (to even things out), which is taking pictures. They never come out! WHY!!? I need a new camera…perhaps as a reward for being an awesome traveler?? Still love this though…

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  1. Kathy Cook

    Participated in Heather’s presentation today at North Country Community College – she did an excellent job of keeping everyone’s attention and presented a load of information in a very short time. I would love to see this show at every middle school, high school, and college across the country. The techniques she showed us definitely work and are simple enough to remember in an attack. The complancency and reliance most women have are their worst enemies. Thank you for a great presentation.

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