Lessons From LaSalle University . . .

The fierce ladies at LaSalle University!

Last week, I finished up my second East Coast Girls Fight Back! Extravaganza at LaSalle University and I learned a few things.  Here are my lessons from LaSalle:

1.  The ladies at LaSalle are fierce.  End of story.  However, should you need more evidence, check out the picture and you will have no argument left.

2.  Always bring two pairs of straight leg jeans to seminars. 

This might seem like a weird lesson to share but, here’s the deal.  We always wear straight leg jeans and pumas to seminars.  I brought my designated seminar jeans with me and all was fine until my clumsy streak reared its awkward head. As I was leaving the elevator to go to my hotel room, I fell and ate it so hard that both my jeans and knee were damaged, one of which (my jeans, thankfully) was damaged beyond repair.  I was left with only a pair of skinny jeans that look ridiculous with the pumas.  Lesson learned.

3.  Being my friend is dangerous.

Just ask my friend Tom, and he will confirm the above statement.  Tom lives on the East Coast and made the drive down to PA to say hi and see the GFB seminar.  As the only dude in attendance, Tom was roped into being our Scary Bad Guy and was a great sport about letting me throw down some serious fight moves on him in front of a crowd.  This, friends, is proof that being my friend can be dangerous.

I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who worked so hard to bring GFB to LaSalle.  I had a GREAT time!

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