Zombies Fight Back

So, yesterday was Halloween and the students of Stetson University were already gearing up for some spooky games when I visited last week.

Evidentially, the school had an elaborate game devised in which some students would be “zombies” and would have the goal of infecting as many students, staff, and faculty members with the zombie virus by the end of the day.  Now, if I had known about this prior to my visit there, I would have researched some appropriate self-defense techniques for fighting the undead.  Instead, we stuck with the basic Students Fight Back curriculum and had a great time.  Hopefully, no one needed to engage the zombies in hand-to-hand combat.

Other fun facts about Stetson University: parts of the movie The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler were shot there and they love bananas foster (which is also one of my favorite desserts despite the fact it does not have chocolate.)

Thanks for having us students of Stetson!  Hope you all survived your Halloween festivities!

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