Kennesaw State University Kicks off the Spring Tour!

You know, traveling the country as a GFB speaker really is a dream job.  I love seeing different parts of this great country we live in, meeting awesome new people and teaching men and women how to kick booty if necessary.  However, there is the less than glamorous side of our jet-setting ways.  From the colds picked up in crowded airports to the sometimes questionable items offered at the free hotel breakfast buffets, there are many times that us GFB speakers simply have to put on our “big girl panties” and deal with some less than ideal situations.  At this point, I should warn you that this post may be considered TMI (too much information) for some of you.  Proceed with caution.

For our first program of the 2011 Spring Tour, I took a leisurely 5 hour drive down to the adorable little town of Kennesaw, GA.  I left pretty early in the morning, so I drank lots of coffee and I was nursing a bit of a sore throat, so I was downing water like crazy.  I made a couple of stops; one for lunch and one to fill up the ole gas tank, but as I approached Kennesaw, my bladder was making it pretty clear that well, to put it bluntly, I needed to pee….like whoa!  (I told you this wasn’t glamorous, ok!?)

Now, I wasn’t far from my hotel and I was determined not to make another pitstop, so I pushed my way through and hoped for a speedy desk clerk to help me get checked in as fast as possible.  And when I arrived at the hotel, the desk clerk was wonderful; efficient and professional; everything I could have hoped for!  I grabbed my key and within minutes I was standing outside my assigned room.  Only problem was…my keys wouldn’t work.  I tried desperately to get it to open with one key, then the other, but after about forty tries with each key, I headed back downstairs.

Next problem, the desk clerk had been called out to help another guest and she was alone on duty, so I stood there at the desk waiting to be helped for what felt like 45 minutes and I’m sure was less than 2 minutes in reality.  When the desk clerk came back, she was again curteous and kind.  She rode up the elevator with me and tried to open the door herself.  No success.  She told me to relax there in the hall lobby and she would return with a new room key for me.  Which was great, except that my ability to relax was long gone as I stood there in the hotel hallway doing everything short of the international pee-pee dance to keep myself from well…losing it.

I was just starting to consider my options when there she came; my angel, my savior dressed in a blue blazer.  The wonderful staff member helping me arrived with a new room key and and an apology for the inconvenience.  I thanked her profusely, told her it was really no problem and then shut my door, threw down my luggage and raced to the facilities.  Ah, the glamour of the road!  Lol!

All my suffering was well worth it because Kennesaw State University students came out for our Students Fight Back program ready to have some fun.  The lectures chair at KSU, Jilly, put together an awesome event that featured lots of laughs, yummy pizza and some major butt kicking.

The first program of the tour always sets the pace for those to follow and if the KSU program is any indicator of what’s to come this spring, we are in for a wicked awesome tour!  I’ve got lots of programs within driving distance this semester, so you can trust that I’ll be making many more pitstops during my future drives!

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