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Spring 2011 Re-Cap from Megan

So, I was a bit off the radar this tour. I was only able to get to 2 schools. Much of that having to do with moving from WA to CA. Anyone that has ever moved knows that it’s one of those things that seems like a great idea…until you start the work needed to do this. Now that we’re happy and settled back in sunny, Southern CA I can take a look at the gigs that helped make this past tour one of GFB’s best!

My first gig was at Western Kentucky University. It’s within an hour of Nashville, so I got the opportunity to do a little sightseeing. I’m kind of 50/50 on country music- love some of it, but not so much on the rest. However, I couldn’t be in Nashville and not check out the Grand Ole Opry. I didn’t have the time (or directional capabilities) to get much further than that- but it was a fun pit stop on my way to WKU.

Once at the school I got to spend some quality time with a few of the students and coordinators of the event. I had a great time talking with them about their school and hearing funny stories about their mascot. Seriously- what is that?

The program was awesome, attended by a lot of the Greek women on campus. They were a great crowd- fun and energetic. It was here that I got probably the best feedback card I’ve ever received:

Thanks ladies! I had a great time…which of course wouldn’t be complete without a blurry picture!

The last school on my tour was UC Merced. I happened to be in CA and decided to take the drive up North for the evening program. I use to hate car rides, but with satellite radio and the time alone to reflect- I’ve grown to actually enjoy them. I was greeted at the school with my own personalized parking spot. I knew it was going to be a great gig then. It’s the small things that make me happy J

I joined a great group of students for dinner before the program and got an opportunity to learn more abut the school, student body and current events on campus.  UC Merced is a fairly new campus and I’m excited to see it develop over the years.

We got a little nervous when the room we were suppose to be in was occupied by a lecture. Luckily, the fabulous coordinator of the event (Molly) worked her magic and found another option with no problem. Great general reminder to just relax, take a breath and find a way to make it happen.

There was a great mix of both men and women in the audience, which is always great because it can open the door to conversation on the topic and hopefully help everyone to realize that violence and victimization is a problem for everyone. Thanks Merced!  I really enjoyed hanging out with you.

I would like to give a special shout out to my GFB team who worked very hard to accommodate my schedule. Especially Heather who, as you probably just read, was a traveling maniac this tour and I appreciate her helping me out.

Spring Tour Wrap-up 2011

I really have no idea how to even begin to summarize this semester’s tour.  It was my busiest tour to date.  I travelled as far south as Pensacola, FL and as far north as Lake Placid, NY and did return gigs at 3 of my favorite schools.  I visited my alma mater and had my best friend from high school show up to a program.  It was a whirlwind of travel, meeting awesome students and advisors and lots of fun along the way.  So without any furthur ado, here are my top ten moments from the spring tour.

10) On my visit to Austin Peay State University, I took a little break from spreading girlpower to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I’m not a huge fan of country music, but that Tammy Wynette exhibit had me singing.

9) Late night programming can be tricky,but one school that has really figured out the magic formula is Elon University.  They had a great turnout for their late night program and what was the trick?  Chicken fingers!  Their student planning committee was a lot of fun the work with.

8) Several schools I visited this semester had really good anti-violence campaigns.  One of those schools was Monroe Community College.  They were our final stop on the tour and they had a ton of great events going on.  They even had their student planning committee do some skits before the program about date rape, sexual harassment and stalking.  It was a great way to bring those issues into our discussion and kick off the program with some great energy and information.

7)  I really got to see some beautiful campuses this spring.  One of the most striking was Spring Hill College.  The campus has a fantastic mix of original buildings that have been refurbished and modern buildings.  It is the quintessential Southern college campus and the sorority women there rock!

6)  When I got on campus at UNC- Asheville, I checked in on Facebook Places. Twenty minutes later guess who showed up at my program?  My best friend from high school! I hadn’t seen her in years and having her in the audience was such a joy as was catching up over sushi later that evening.  I love little surprises like that on the road.

5)  I’d been watching our fan count on Facebook most of the semester and after a presentation in Virginia….baam!….we hit 4,000 fans! And we love everyone of you guys!  Thanks for your support!

4) North Country Community College systems brought me in to do programs at three of their campuses.  Not only were the programs wicked fun, but the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake area was incredible beautiful.  It was the beginning of April, but man, it SNOWED! Like a LOT! And this little southern girl was thoroughly impressed.

3) Three different schools brought me back for a second program this semester.  One of them was the totally awesome group at Saint Catherine’s Catholic High School.  Those girls are a blast!  And unlike my program there a year ago, I didn’t have to wear a bikini instead of underwear this go around.  But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

2) Meeting amazing young people who are passionate about ending violence is just another incredible part of the job.  At Northern Illinois University, I met a wonderful young lady named Latasha who put together our event on her campus and was clearly working to make a difference in the world.  It’s because of students like her that the GFB legacy has grown so strong over the past ten years.  We also got some awesome media coverage!

1) Longwood University.  What can I possible say?  It was a Panhellenic sponsored program and girls came out in drove even in the pouring rain.  It was a big and enthusiastic group and we had a ball!  For me personally, the biggest joy was meeting the members of the Alpha chapter of my sorority and seeing in person the charter for my sisterhood. I totally dorked out and all the girls were so gracious towards me.  It was one of my favorite experience thus far.

This semester was thrilling and exhausting and rewarding.  Every day I felt blessed to work for an incredibly special company and to be a part of Shannon’s legacy.  I can’t wait for Fall 2011!