10 Years of oohs and ahhs…

Liz Meitus is a creative thinker, Marketing Manager at myFORCE and inspired to spread the word about this personal security service that you active through your smartphone.

10 years of butt-kickin’ events already??!! Well, we’re looking forward to the next 10! Thank you for your passion, your mission, and your dedication to spreading the message of safety.

You are infectious, animated, yet poignant. As one of your fall sponsors, we saw first-hand the impact that young women felt upon leaving a GFB event. Not only were young women empowered to take a stance in the face of crime, they felt amused enough to be vocal about it. I’ve never heard so many oohs-and-ahhs from an audience that’s known for a short attention span these days.

Happy Birthday Girls Fight Back!

Note from Erin: I am a big believer in partnerships…but good ones that are win-win situations, where everyone walks away happy and inspired. That describes our relationship with every partner we’ve ever had, including Liz and the folks at myFORCE. Looking forward to our collective future!

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