Sweet Little Ninja Baby

Last Fall I broke the news to the world that I was pregnant. I remember being overcome with emotion when I learned my due date was June 16th, because for the past 10 years June was a month of grieving.

The inspiration behind GFB, Shannon McNamara, was murdered on June 12, 2001. Her birthday was June 21st. So every June for a decade I muddled through it, waiting for July to arrive and for the sadness to dissipate. (watch this video for more on this…)

But four weeks ago today, our lil girl arrived. On Shannon’s birthday. June 21st.

Umm, WOW. Just wow.

I’m not speechless often, but I’ve barely been able to talk about it without crying bittersweet tears. (and I can’t blame hormones this time, either) I posted this on my Facebook later that day:

And so it was. I now have two angels…one in heaven, and one in my arms.

Here’s to breathing new life into all we do. And to remembering there is a reason for everything.

Bad-ass love,

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