It Actually is A Wonderful World…

Happy Monday friends! At Girls Fight Back, our main goal is to educate and empower women to lead bad ass lives. We never want to scare you or convince you the world is a terrible place. And honestly, I feel the media does a pretty good job of highlighting all the bad out there. And what fun is that running around pretending every person is a serial killer or every sidewalk is a gauntlet!? (I mean, that could be kind of fun to take on a gauntlet on your way to work?)


But sometimes I think it is good to have a little reminder that this place we call Earth is actually quite awesome. There truly are so many great people out there doing amazing good deeds. So if you are needing a little pick-me-up today, here is an article that has been circulating the social media sites that will “Restore Your Faith in Humanity.”

Do something GREAT for another person today. Let these photos be your inspiration. Whether it be holding the door for another person, calling your grandma to say hello or smiling to a friendly stranger, share the love. And remember that it actually is a wonderful world!

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