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Hoosiers Holla Back!

Last night I threw down with the Indiana University Hoo-Hoo-Hoo Hoosiers! As seen above, Girls Fight Back welcomed several ladies and gents to master the Badass Ballet, as well as some improvised weapons and basic ground fighting. The energy was just awesome!

A special thanks to IU’s Union Board for hosting a stellar event and taking a stand to fight back against recent assaults on campus. Born and raised in Indiana, I was especially proud to see such leadership and empowered young blood in my home state. Way to hold your own Hoosiers!

University of Arizona FIGHTS BACK!

The Wildcats of University of Arizona hosted my first Students Fight Back program on the #BYOB12 Tour. My hats off to the Panhellenic team for hosting GFB, but mostly for embracing our idea of FIGHTING BACK!

During my visit, I learned within the last year there had been attacks at UofA, including a student being sexually assaulted in the back of taxi by the driver. Scary, huh? This story stuck out in my mind because, let’s be honest, I can remember a time or two when my friends and I poured ourselves into a cab after one too many cocktails. So naturally, this story scared the crap out of me.

But after talking with the PanHellenic rep, I learned that although students may have had that initial shock, they weren’t going to let these assaults keep them living in fear. They weren’t going to stop going out or stop taking cabs. Instead, these fierce Wildcats wanted to know what they could do to protect themselves. How could they fight back?

And thus, they made the ever-so-wise choice to bring GFB in house to gain some seriously empowering ass-whoopin’ skills.

We didn’t tip-toe around the real world of college life either. We broke it down. Real talk. Yes, most assaults on campus occur when alcohol is involved and yes, alcohol affects your decisions. But it doesn’t mean you can’t go out without being attacked. It just means you need to go out smart: Trust your intuition. Don’t leave your drink or take one without seeing it poured, whether it is apple juice or gin & juice. And ALWAYS go out with friends, go home with friends… People that got your back.

But we not only talked the talk, we walked the walk with some lethal groin kicks and palm strikes. Oh yes, we went balls-to-the wall, so to speak.

These Wildcats took the first steps in leading a safer life. They didn’t shy away in fear after their peers had been attacked, but instead made the bold choice to be their own best protectors, while still enjoying college life. And that, my friends, is fighting back.

So thank you to the guys and gals of University of Arizona for hosting GFB. But most of all, thank you for reminding everyone that even after tragedies, on our own time and in our own way, we not only can, but we must fight back!