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Protect YOU this Holiday Season!

Well friends it’s full swing into “that time of year…” which seems to be code for colds, expensive plane tickets to see cousins you despise and drunken mall Santa’s.

Wow-wee! What a “fun” time of the year. I never realized my parents deserved an Olympic Gold Medal for surviving the holidays until I had to help put on dinner AND do gift shopping?! What?! This is crazy pants exhausting. Now I know why they were always trying to pull that “let’s go on vacation for your gifts” business.

But wait just one second. Hold the phone Mr. Grinch. Here’s a thought: what if “that time of the year” only has to be that crazy and chaotic if you allow it to be?

Yep, that’s right my feisty friends. What if YOU are in charge of you and how you handle this insane time called Holiday Season?

Because when it comes to being our own best protector’s at Girls Fight Back, we believe that means in every aspect of our life. Of course, you need to be your own best protector on the streets and in life-threatening situations. But we also need to be our own best protector’s in less obvious situations, like time management, family “obligations” and your health.

Seriously gals and guys, if you are spreading yourself too thin, (And we know you do. Yep, we’ve got your number, Type A go-getters.) it is time to realize you’re probably useless at the work party if you show up as Scrooge.  And you might as well be at home if you’re so tired you pass out during intermission at the church play.

Decide what is most important. Organize your priorities. And YOU decide, not your good friend guilt or obligation, what you have time for this holiday season.  Because as much as this time of the year is about giving, it is also about giving to yourself.. and why not give yourself a break?

I assure you, everyone will survive if you take a pass on planning the class Seasonal Party. Skip the work White Elephant if you’re just not feeling it. Not up for making the traditional family fruit cake  for dinner? Aunt Ethel will understand.. or get over it. Either way, the holidays should be fun, loving and enjoyable for EVERYONE.

So sit back, take an extra sip of the eggnog (the full fat kind, oh yeah) and make sure you protect yourself and your sanity this Holiday Season. You have our blessing. And the world, and even your loved ones, will thank you.

Happy Holidays to YOU, our kick ass readers!:)


Things I Learned the Hard Way

You guys. It’s been so long since I’ve been around that I totally had to ask how we posted blogs again. Also, I’m not the most technically savvy…but either way, I’m back. Some stuff went down. I moved to the other side of the country, I worked on other projects…oh, and I had a bambino.

Life has been really busy, but I’m really excited to throw my hat back into the ring. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect this year, plus having a baby can make you kinda sappy. I thought of some of the lessons I’ve learned, the things that brought me to where I am now and thought I would share. This isn’t the complete box set or anything- I’ll probably pick up a lesson or two along the way.

Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way

1. Good relationships involve very little drama. I use to think that all the arguing and wretched emotion involved in past relationships was because well…that’s just what love is. Then I met the right person…and all that drama went away.

2. Being the person who knows and shares the most gossip does little for you. Back in “the day” (you know, that day) I would definitely have fallen into the Little Miss Know-It-All category. Then I got a job in security and I was kinda forced to keep my mouth shut. That trickled into my personal life and from there I learned patience, honor, dignity, trust…and now my friends really do tell me everything.

3You really should pay attention in foreign language class and keep it up after you graduate.  I’m personally not a fan of the thought that this is America and everyone should “speak English”. Truth is, we’re a big ‘ol melting pot of amazing cultures. I have come across (and you will too) some awesome people I wish I could have sat down and had a great conversation with beyond “I like your blue shoes.”

 4. Being right is incredibly overrated.  I use to feel the need to fight over the smallest things, even with people I didn’t know. Like, one time I actually argued with one of those people holding a sign and yelling about their political cause on a street corner. I mean, they gave up their day, made a sign and were stopping people on the street. They were in it to win it- and I thought I was gonna mosey on in and change their mind? Look. People are different. Our life experiences have given us all unique perspective. On that same note, some people just don’t get it- whatever your “it” is.  It’s not worth it. The person who can walk away always has the most power. Find a better, more constructive way to fight the good fight, whether it be politics or what color to paint your family room. Note: I did win that one

5You should always take the opportunity to stand up for others. Here is how this is gonna go down: Someday something not cool is going to be happening right in front of your eyes. Some kid or co-worker or person you’ve never met is going to be picked on, belittled or embarrassed publicly- and you will have to make a choice. You can remain quiet and hide in the crowd or you can do something about it. Life will go on either way you choose, but if you chose to do nothing- I promise the memory of what you “should” have done will never really go away. Note: I’m not referring to life and death here. Those are unique situations that require thoughts of personal safety.

6. Being nice really is important. Like, really. This is so basic and I’ve never been a “mean” person but I didn’t necessarily always go out of my way to be kind. Kind is a word that if people used to describe my child one day, would make me the most proud.  And I know that they will, because he will learn that from his parents. One of the things I love most about my husband is that he is “that guy” who grabs peoples’ luggage for them at baggage claim, walks friends to their cars after a night out and no matter if it’s the crossing guard, cable guy, or our restaurant server always addresses people by name and says “Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.” If you bring dignity and thanks to people around you, they will give it back to others.

And the world goes round….Happy Everything…looking forward to a great 2013!  – GFB Megan