ShiP Happens..

ShippensburgGirls Fight Back kicked off our 2013 Spring BYOB -Bring Your Own Badass – Tour last night at Shippensburg University. And oh, did they bring it!

As we got down to business, I quickly learned that the guys and gals at Shippensburg have their own little twist on the saying “ShiP happens… ” So what are you going to do about it?

And their answer to the question is a resounding “FIGHT BACK!”.

With a recent spike in assault and violence reporting, as well as nation wide media attention concerning emergency contraceptive, this small but mighty student body refuses to let ShiP just happen to them. Their feisty spirit is admirable and ready to make a difference, a change for the good.

Sometimes you have to just roll with it, and I’m all about that. But some circumstances demand that you fight back. And Shippensburg is certainly leading the way in the good fight!

Hats off to you, fearless friends at Shippensburg, and thanks for bringin’ it.


3 thoughts on “ShiP Happens..

  1. Kira Beard

    I was apart of this event and it was a lot of fun. I hope you guys can come back and teach freshman after orientation how to fight back.

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