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Below is a 9-Step Guide to hosting a Girls Fight Back seminar. We conduct seminars to any group of women or girls age 12+, having done programs at middle schools, high schools, colleges, corporations, small businesses, associations, hospitals, senior citizen centers – just to name a few. We strive to make this process as easy as possible for you by making all details available on this page, along with the About and FAQ links. But don’t hesitate to contact us for more info if you still have festering questions…we’re here to serve.

STEP #1:  Get in Touch

Interested in a GFB seminar? Then holla at us and let’s be friends. This gets the ball rolling, and we can also hold a date for you. No pressure to book an event just because you reach out, so don’t be shy. Contact us here.

STEP #2:  Got Budget?

Ah, that pesky money stuff…this is the most common question we receive: How much do y’all cost? Please contact us for an exact price, which depends on what kind of organization you are, when you want to hold the event and if we have a GFB speaker in your area. Cross our hearts: We do our best to make our presentation affordable for your group.

STEP #3:  Pick a Date

Pick a few dates and we’ll tell you if it’s do-able. Our availability usually depends on time of year, and again, if we have a GFB speaker in your ‘hood. We tend to book about anywhere from 1-6 months in advance. Due to our crazy-busy schedule, less than 30 days notice is tough.

Looking for a great time to plan a GFB Program? Here are a few ideas:

  • January – Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month & National Stalking Awareness Month
  • February – Relationship Wellness Month & Valentine’s Day
  • March – National Women’s History Month & Spring Break
  • April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Prevention/Alcohol Awareness Month
  • May – Women’s Health Care Month
  • June – Student Safety Month
  • August 26 – Women’s Equality Day
  • September – National Campus Safety Awareness Month
  • October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month & National Crime Prevention Month
  • November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

STEP #4:  Sign the Contract

Our contracts are all digital and will be delivered to your inbox (unless you need a hard copy with an original signature which is also doable). Just sign, scan, and return to us by e-mail or fax or old-fashioned snail mail. If you are a student, we require a staff member to sign the contract. Once we receive the signed contract, you’ll be introduced to your GFB speaker. From that point on, you’ll work directly with her to produce an awesome event. Our liability insurance policy, payment information, and W-9 will all be included with your contract.

STEP #5:  Organize Logistics

The speaker will book and pay for all of her own flights, hotel and meals (if necessary) from the all-inclusive fee you pay, so don’t worry about that. Here’s what you will need to work out…

  • Venue: Pretty please, don’t schedule this event in a gymnasium if possible (the acoustics suck), or outdoors, or in a busy cafeteria during lunchtime. We’ve done all of those, and as awesome as it sounds to be throwin’ down amidst nature, we assure you–it’s not. This presentation is best suited for indoor spaces that are appropriate for the audience size (i.e., large lobby area, classroom, auditorium, ballroom, etc.).
  • Tech Set-Up: We have a powerpoint presentation with embedded video. We need a screen, LCD projector, necessary cords/adapters, sound capability (PA system of some sort) and a lavaliere microphone. We will need the ability to play a CD and/or music from our laptops on the sound system before the show to get the party started.  Wireless handheld mics are fine too, but just keep in mind our speakers are actively demo-ing self-defense techniques. It’s kinda hard to hold a random object when you’re fighting someone on-stage. Just sayin’.
  • Demo Assistant:  We need an awesome person for this show for demonstrating ass kicking techniques – he/she will be our resident attacker dude. Please do not select a real-life creeper for this job! We prefer the well-liked, well-known friendly person who will put audience members at ease. This assistant needs a great sense of humor and loves girl power. Most assaults against women are committed by men, so it’s a bonus for this helper to identify as male. But a woman is totally fine too.
  • Payment: Checks will be mailed after the event and all necessary payment info will be provided in your contract.

STEP #6:  Publicize It

Facebook: Most people are on it, so why not use it? Here is a guide to creating/managing events on the FB. You can become a fan of GFB on Facebook (where we post lots of fun pics and blog posts) by clicking here.

Posters: Download, print and hang as many posters as you’d like to publicize around campus. Click below to download the…

Twitter: Follow @girlsfightback and use the hashtag #badassballet. Give us some shout-outs in the weeks/days leading up to our visit and we’ll hollaback.

STEP #7:  The Big Day!

As Wayne and Garth (from Wayne’s World) would say, “Game ON!” We know that planning and promoting these events is hard work and we want you to relax and enjoy it. Our speakers all sign a strict “no diva policy” (seriously) that allows you to have fun at the event and not be worrying about us. Your speaker will apprise you of her travel plans.

On the day of the program, you’ll need to meet your GFB speaker at the venue where the event will happen, and serve as the go-to person in case anything goes awry. But overall, our team of presenters is trained to handle anything that comes up and she knows how to roll with the punches. Please make sure that the Demo Assistant is on time and there is tech support available in case the technology Gods are being pesky.

Also, we’ll need someone to introduce the speaker, which you can download here. Ideally get someone who will get the audience fired up and isn’t afraid of talking in front of crowds. This sets the tone for an upbeat, energetic event.

Step #8: Provide Feedback

Our program has been around since 2001 because we constantly re-invent ourselves. We are committed to customer service and to the impeccable quality of the presentations. Soon after the event, you will receive an email from our booking office asking you to provide honest feedback. We promise to use your feedback to keep moving our mission forward in the most impactful way.

Step #9: Keep in Touch

Our customers are also our friends, so never hesitate to reach out to us if we may be of assistance, or if you’d like to schedule another presentation or need any resources or referrals. Shoot us a note and tell us your updates, and we may feature you on our blog. (only if you desire)

Thanks for working with us!