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We all have stories. Some are hilarious. Some are wacky. Some are downright freaky. Maybe you have a story, and that’s why you’re here. Too many women do, and that’s why we’ve been kickin’ ass (quite literally) for 14 years now.

GFB exists to help you live fearlessly. To give you more peace. To be the first step in giving you the mad skills so you never make choices stemming from fear. To empower you to live the drop-down, full-out, straight-up bombastic existence you were intended.

And guess what? You can even shave your armpits and dig men. Or not. Who cares?!?

Femininity and BAD-ASSERY (new word alert) are no longer mutually exclusive.

But wait, there’s more!  *insert awkward infomercial vibe here*

GFB preaches a helluva lot more than just defending yourself. It’s about LIFESTYLE. Our approach allows you to comfortably walk through this world and say,

“Oh, hey there, Creepy McCreeperson. I know you’re trying to make me feel small, or take advantage of me, or assault me on the street, but check it.  I SEE YOU. I know what you’re doing. And you sooo won’t win. I’m mad equipped with psychic intuition and rad she-ninja skills that’ll make you cry for mommy. So just don’t. K?”

Listen lady friend, there is NO REASON you can’t walk down the street alone (GASP!) feeling sassy, safe, and strong. It’s your right…so own it! You heard me right – you don’t need your daddy, your boyfriend or Mr. Mall Cop to save you. Why?


(And we’ll show you how…then you’ll be super fun at parties.)

Want to see how we train the Girls Fight Back speakers?

So here’s what we do at GFB: We give a live, 90-minute seminar about how to live safe and strong. We present to any women’s group (age 12+) across the nation and call it “edu-tainment”. It’s basically a one-woman show, where our speaker teaches your audience how to be their own bad-asses. We speak to audiences both big and small, but the energy in the room is always explosive no matter how many folks are in the crowd.

Sometimes people assume GFB is a self-defense CLASS, but that’s not our bag. We strive for a different approach. It’s a live seminar – a show, really. Think of a Ke$ha concert, but with more eye jabs and less body glitter. OK, maybe without the arena. But we do regularly present in huge auditoriums. And church basements. And the occasional outdoor festival. Equally sexy, in our humble opinion.

Before the show, bumpin’ music is playing. During the seminar, we use comedy. And stories. And teach tricked out moves called “The Badass Ballet.” We provide any woman with the basic 411 on how to predict, prevent, and fight back in all sorts of sketchy scenarios. (Then we recommend women to take a smaller, more intense self-defense course as a next step…sign up for the Sassy Self-Defense Guide above to find local classes near you.)

Our speakers are like your cool big sister. She drops knowledge, but no guilt – no shame – no “don’t walk alone at night” silliness. (I mean, is that even POSSIBLE?) She talks to you like an equal and doesn’t slather on unnecessary fear. She shares practical safety tricks you can keep up your sleeve. Or in your bra. Or in your fanny pack…or wherever else you keep your 007 British secret agent must-haves.

Here’s the thing: We believe you can get real, have fun, and throw down – all in the same seminar. And we encourage you take lots of pics/vids with your phone and MUPLOAD (mobile+upload) ‘em. That’s right, we don’t make you turn off your phones for our shows. Quite the contrary, you dangerous damsel. We’ll teach ya how to use your cell as a weapon!


At GFB, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll kick some booty.

Named “2012 Best Speakers” by Campus Activities Magazine (*batting eyelashes*), we just might be coming to a city near you.  Wanna join the tour? There might be some spots left, so give us a shout.

Now we wish we could say this bumpin’ movement of intergalactic girl power just spilled from our pretty heads just for fun, but there’s more to it. Turns out we have a story too…

On June 12, 2001, a college senior named Shannon McNamara was sleeping in her apartment near the campus of Eastern Illinois University. An EIU student (and former Marine) who lived across the street decided to break into her apartment that night and carry out a violent attack. But, when Shannon woke up to find this coward in her apartment (cuz it’s sooo ballsy to attack a person while they are sleeping), boy did she open up a can o’ whoop-ass. It was the evidence left behind from her fight that ultimately caught and convicted this loser. Today he serves a life sentence in Illinois prison.

You know what’s awesome about GFB? It’s run by an angel. That’s right – Shannon is our slammin’ CEO in heaven. She died that night while valiantly defending herself. Our founder Erin Weed (who just goes by “Weed” because it’s awesome), didn’t want murder to be the period at the end of this story. Shannon’s death was just a comma. While alive, Shannon was just getting the party started on the influence she’d have in this world. Who knew she’d inspire so many more after she peaced out?

Erin decided to learn to defend herself after Shannon died, and soon became certified in pretty much every self-defense system out there. She remembered bringing speakers to campus when she was an undergrad and sorority president. So Erin put together the GFB show and took it on the road – teaching intuition, prevention and sneaky, sassy techniques to bust-a-move if necessary.

After a few years, Erin trained other women to give the presentation in the USA. Then she trained international speakers in India and Pakistan. And in 2013, Erin passed the baton to our new leader, Gina Kirkland (no awesome nickname), who has made it her personal mission to honor the memory of Shannon, the spirit of “Weed,” and the power that is in all of the GFB speakers by keeping the Bad Assery going strong.  Girls Fight Back isn’t about just one girl.  It’s about ALL girls/ladies/women. So yeah, pretty much girl power world domination is what we’re all about and we want you to join us in spreading the word.

Since 2001, Girls Fight Back (GFB) has unleashed the inner badass in over ONE MILLION women and girls.

That’s no joke. But you see, we wish we could say it’s all our doing. That we’re just naturally that influential and awesome. But there’s something bigger happening here. Sometimes things are meant to be. Even when they suck. Our most tragic life stories are also a choose your own adventure.

So it’s up to you. You have the power to re-write your story, or simply continue living the wicked life you’ve already got. This life is your journey, and you’re in the drivers seat. Toss that hair into a messy bun, don your most ridic sunglasses and let’s roll. GFB is on tour, and we wanna come over.

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here’s my number (1-866-769-9037). So call me maybe?

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