We have several dynamic presentations to choose from depending on your goal, audience, and programming time frame. More about each below or visit a full list of Nicole’s programs here: FULL LIST OF PROGRAMS

All of our programs are now available as ONLINE interactive webinars!

Contact us for details!

logo-GirlsFightBackGirls Fight Back!

Girls Fight Back was born in direct response to the June 2001 murder of a dynamic, athletic, and loved college student named Shannon McNamara. After Shannon’s death, her friend and sorority sister, Erin Weed, realized the need for practical and empowering options for young women to learn violence prevention and self-defense. Inspired by the way Shannon fought her attacker, Erin immersed herself in training with the best violence prevention experts and self-defense trainers in the world and, from this, developed the GFB seminar. By combining core values, a fun and empowering attitude, and the best safety and self-defense methods available, Girls Fight Back was born. This sisterhood of the traveling bad asses continues to grow and strive to make preventing violence and fighting back an approachable topic for everyone with the addition of two other great programs, Students Fight Back (gender inclusive and Title IX compliant) and Fight Back on Spring Break (gender inclusive and specialized with Spring Break safety tips).

Click here for the Video Demo

The program is 75 minutes + Q&A and includes these key components:

  • Using your intuition
  • Safety Strategies – awareness, eye contact, verbal boundaries
  • How to be an active bystander and a good ally
  • The definition of consent
  • How to support a survivor
  • How to set boundaries that work for you
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • The basics of self-defense in our Badass Basics (or Terminator Tango)
  • Plus a discussion on weapons, ground fighting, and how to sign up for a full-contact adrenaline based self-defense course near you!

logo-StudentsFightBackStudents Fight Back

Students Fight Back offers the same basic skills in Girls Fight Back, because contrary to what society might tell us, people of all genders can sometimes use a helping hand when it comes to learning personal safety and self-defense. And, we can all come together to be active bystanders and create safer communities. This program has a little less girl power and a strong emphasis on how we can all partner together to put an end to violence. It is gender inclusive and Title IX compliant. This program is also 75 mins + Q&A.
More information

Yes I’m Hiking Solo

Ever been worried about your personal safety when hiking solo? Do you want to feel confident and independent venturing out on your own? Have you been wanting to learn some badass simple and effective self-defense moves? Then join me as I share self-defense strategies to empower you to open up your world and feel more confident about exploring the outdoors, running, hiking, camping, fly fishing, backpacking or wherever your adventure takes you. Inspired by my online series Outdoor Defense. This program is 60-75 minutes + Q&A. More information

logo-FightBackSpringBreakFight Back on Spring Break!

Fight Back on Spring Break is a specialized version of Students Fight Back. It is also gender inclusive and puts special attention on how we can be safer and look out for each other more actively on Spring Break or any time we want to be social, have a good time, or travel away from home. This program is also 75 mins + Q&A.
More information

IMPACT Personal Safety

IMPACT is a 3 or 5 hour full contact, adrenaline based self-defense program. It is a perfectly designed program to follow up one of our core programs and is designed to be an intensive for a smaller group of attendees.
More information


SAVE (Safety, Assertiveness, Violence Prevention, Empowerment), is designed for companies, businesses, or private groups that want to empower their employees or community with both personal safety tools and discussions on how to avoid awkward social interactions with colleagues and co-workers by setting clear boundaries. SAVE is a gender inclusive, comprehensive, interactive seminar that includes hands on practice for setting boundaries in a respectful, confident way in addition to working on physical self-defense techniques. The material can be customized to fit your organizations needs and messaging.  More information

The Awkward Hug: How to Set Clear Boundaries, Communicate Them to Others, and Live a More Empowered Life

Have you ever participated in unwanted conversations, hugging, kissing, other physical contact or even … relationships? Want to know how to handle the awkward in an empowered, respectful and socially acceptable way?  Setting personal boundaries that work for us is essential to living a healthy, happy and empowered life. The tools we will learn can be used every day and the practice of them can ultimately lead to forming stronger relationships in our work, romantic and friendly interactions, along with helping us feel more confident in our day to day social exchanges.  Join us for an interactive workshop designed to fine tune your intuition, help you learn to set boundaries and use your voice and take full control of your choices. This program is ideal for groups from 10 to 80 people.

PAY IT FORWARD and Spread the Good Word of Personal Safety and Self-Defense

Kirkland Productions in partnership with the Girls Fight Back Team is offering a Pay It Forward special to allow colleges and universities already bringing one of our programs to their campus (Girls Fight Back, Students Fight Back, Fight Back on Spring Break, or The Awkward Hug) to host a second program at a local junior high or high school of their choice for a deeply discounted fee.

We know that reaching students at younger ages can be incredibly impactful in helping them live healthier and safer lives, but sadly, those in the greatest need of our message often have the least funding to bring us in. You can be a big part of helping future college students get this training at a younger age. In addition to being useful as a service project for your students, you will have the added benefit of connecting with a student body full of potential future students for your college or university.

For high schools reading this now . . . if you are in need of our programming and are having a hard time with funds, ask us how we can assist you in connecting with campuses in your area to propose a dual venture!

  • For an additional $950 to a standard contracted show, we will provide a second show on a high school/junior high campus within 40 miles of the initial show location on the same day.
  • For an additional $1100 to a standard contracted show, we will provide a second show on a high school/junior high campus within 40 miles of the initial show location the day before or the day after your show date.

For more details and to check available dates, please contact us at booking@kirklandproductions.com and mention the code PAYITFORWARD

We look forward to partnering with you in creating safer campus communities for everyone.

Learn about our partnership with:


Can I register for a GFB presentation in my area?
We get this question a lot. 99% of the GFB programs are booked by private groups and are for that specific college, campus, or organization, so they aren’t open to public registration. If you would like to organize your own private GFB program for you group, you can reach out to us about that here. Or, if that isn’t feasible, we highly recommend that you download our Sassy Self-Defense Guide. This Guide contains some of our favorite safety and self-defense tips and a list of full contact self-defense classes that are open to the public, endorsed by GFB, and you can sign up for in your area. We also recommend checking out some of the books on our Recommended Reading List. Start by picking up a copy of The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence by Gavin de Becker (most of what we teach is based on the spot-on safety tips in this book), but check out the full Recommended Reading List page for more great ideas.

What topics are addressed in the GFB presentation?
GFB, and our sister programs SFB and FBSB are empowerment programs designed to help all of us work together to up our own personal safety and be a part of creating a safer campus, culture, and world. We include the real deal about violence and how it affects us and then teach our audience how to trust their intuition, how to use awareness every day, verbal de-escalation tools that can you get out of a bad situation before it gets physical, how to use “NO” the right way in setting and enforcing boundaries that work for you, how to be a better ally and an active bystander to create safer communities, how to support a survivor, the definition of consent and enthusiastic consent, and an intro to self-defense, or a little dance lesson we like to call the badass ballet.

By promoting self-defense are you victim blaming?
Rape, violence, and sexual assault are NEVER the fault of the victim. And, if you’ve ever lived through violence, we’re not here to say you did anything wrong. To fight back or not is a very personal choice and if you are reading this now, you are a survivor. At Girls Fight Back we believe in knowledge and empowerment. We believe in giving our audience members the tools to fight back if they choose to do so if they are ever faced with a serious violent confrontation. What we do not want to do, is avoid preparing for the possibility of violence by pretending it doesn’t exist. In an ideal world, no one would need these tools; and until we live in that world, it is a gift to be as knowledgeable as possible on being your own best protector. Also, it is important to remember that “fighting back” isn’t just about using physical force. Fighting back is also a mindset in which we refuse to ignore danger and we choose to actively protect ourselves by honoring our intuition, using strategies to be a bad target in all aspects of our lives, setting personal boundaries that work for us, and knowing how to use a verbal attack to try to ward off a physical confrontation. We believe that the best fight is the one never fought and physical self-defense is always a last resort option to protecting ourselves. In addition, research shows that women using physical and verbal resistance are more likely to avoid completed rape and are no more or less likely to be physically injured. No one can ever tell someone what the right choice is for them in any given situation; and that is why we want each of our audience members to be empowered to be their own best protector in all aspects of their lives. The skills we teach can be used daily in situations such as catcalling, bullying, mugging, sexual assault, negotiating with salespeople, setting boundaries in relationships, dealing with social situations when out on the town, and much more. We address the issue of Victim Blaming in our programs.

What kinds of groups do you speak to?
Really, we’ve done it all. Corporate events, high schools, middle schools, colleges + universities, the US Military, elderly community homes, Jewish youth camps, karate schools, Fortune 500 companies, outdoor groups/retreats, conventions, sales teams, tech industry personnel, healthcare industry workers, professional sports, au pair associations – pretty much any gender inclusive group aged 12+ will enjoy this show. Also, for younger audiences, we will adjust our content to match your group. See “Can you tone it down?” further down the FAQ list. ☺

How many people can you speak to at once?
Our average crowd is several hundred, our largest crowd was 2,500 and our smallest was 10. No crowd is too big or too small – we make it work! That said, GFB is designed for larger groups – it’s not a hands-on class or a small workshop, but a high-energy, live show. However, we do have a hands-on workshop available for smaller audiences if you’re interested!

Will I get to beat up someone during the show?
Nope. Our program is “no contact” – meaning, you try the moves out in the air against an “imaginary creeper.” No hitting your neighbor! This is NOT a full contact self-defense class, but an introductory presentation on personal safety skills including trusting intuition, preventing violence and the basics of self-protection. We will make our Sassy-Self Defense Guide available to the organizer of each show. This awesome tool has a list of full contact self-defense classes all over the country that we recommend all participants take after our show.

What logistics are required to bring GFB to my campus?
Our speakers bring most of the needed props for the show, but event organizers will need to provide a few things (see Tech & Other Needs to Setup a Show below). Oh yeah, we’ll also need a volunteer(s) to be our creeper. Their body will be used as a demo for the areas we strike and how contact is made, but they will not be hit or injured in any way. Our volunteer will also get to demo some fun verbal de-escalation strategies. We will also be asking for you to provide a certified victim advocate from your organization or a partnering local organization. All of our speakers are also VA’s and when we team together we have a perfect team in place to support any survivors or friends of survivors in our audience. Our program will also include a full list of free resources for anyone in the audience who needs them.

Our group is religious/conservative. Can you tone it down?
We totally respect that, and yes, we can reel in the sassy. Our presentations can be as edgy or as tame as you are comfortable with. Just mention this during the booking process, and our speaker will also discuss this with you prior to the event.

How do I book a GFB seminar?
Easy peasy. Holler at us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP. (During the work week, our turnaround time is under 24 hours.)

Which speaker will conduct our presentation?
Speakers are assigned based on geography and tour logistics. Rest assured, our happy band of arse-kickin’ speakers are each ready to rock your event.

Does GFB present at other venues besides colleges?
Sure do! We have given presentations at middle schools, high schools, colleges, corporations, brownie troops, senior citizen’s centers, the US Military, sales teams, realtors, women’s outdoor retreats…you get the idea. While our primary focus is on a college audience, we are thrilled to speak to any group interested in being empowered to create safer communities and campuses.

What about the guys? Can men come too? What if I am nonbinary? Is your program inclusive?
Definitely! When we invite individuals of all gender identities to join, we present the program as Students Fight Back or SAVE. Students Fight Back is gender inclusive and is a great opportunity to bring everyone together in partnership to combat the prevalence of violence in our society. Everything we teach is applicable to people of any gender and we all can also use tips on how we can be better allies to each other. We also offer a spring break safety program that is for gender inclusive audiences.

How much does it cost to book a GFB seminar?
It depends – so just contact us if you want pricing info. We strategically produce national tours based on geographic location to keep costs as low as possible for everyone. One great way to get the cost down is to join forces with other folks in your geographic area and form a “block” of dates in a row. Or, you can book a program during our off-season. If one of our speakers will be nearby (whether she lives there or is passing through), we offer big discounts.

Do you have preferred dates to book a show?
We will come to you whenever it works best for your venue and audience, but if you are looking for a great time, check out our calendar for a few suggestions.

January – Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month & National Stalking Awareness Month
February – Relationship Wellness Month & Valentine’s Day
March – National Women’s History Month & Spring Break
April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Prevention/Alcohol Awareness Month
May – Women’s Health Care Month
June – Student Safety Month
August 26 – Women’s Equality Day
August/September – Orientation
September – National Campus Safety Awareness Month, Realtor Safety Awareness Month
October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month & National Crime Prevention Month
November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Where can I find a self-defense class in my area?
Congrats on wanting to learn to protect yourself. Sign up to receive our Sassy Self-Defense Guide! The guide includes practical safety tips, smooth self-protection moves, and how to find an awesome self-defense class near you. Oh wait, did I mention it’s FREE? You’ll also receive occasional updates from GFB with news, gossip, discounts, freebies and more. –> SIGN UP HERE <–

Got other questions?
Just e-mail or call us. We always hollaback.


Venue Requirements: Girls Fight Back will be teaching about personal safety & self-defense, which requires a captive audience. A large classroom, ballroom or auditorium is where a presentation of this nature needs to be held. Atriums, busy cafeterias, gyms, outdoor stages and other open spaces are not suitable venues for this presentation.

Sound Requirements: Wireless lavaliere microphone for presenter, handheld mic for volunteer, ability to play music before the show and from the speaker’s laptop.

Lighting Requirements: Basic Stage Lighting

Other Stage Requirements: LCD Projector connected to the sound system, screen, podium or small table on stage for props, chair on stage, and one volunteer is required for the self-defense demos during our presentations. The assistant must be identified to the presenter prior to the event. The assistant should be a friendly student or faculty member to be on stage for demonstration purposes. They will not be hit, thrown, or harmed in any way. Demos are in slow motion – no tosses or strikes.

Additional Requirements: Purchaser must provide at least one trained and certified victim advocate (or if advocate is unavailable, a counselor, advisor, or representative from the rape crisis center, counseling center, or women’s center) to be present at presentation and available afterwards as a resource to students and faculty that would like to discuss the program content or their own experiences. Purchaser must also provide a list of all campus and local resources for survivors at least two weeks prior to the event to the GFB speaker to incorporate into the program.

Dressing Room/Green Room Requirements: 1 bottle of water

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