Reinhardt College Kicks Off Our Fall Tour!

The incoming class of freshman at Reinhardt College should not be messed with! 

 Our Fall 2010 Tour has officially begun and they helped me kick it off right with a Students Fight Back program this past weekend.  They were enthusiastic, fun, and just a little bit scary.  Mad props go to Jeremy, who not only planned the whole thing, but also served as one of the creepiest SBGs I’ve ever worked with.  I think at one point I compared him to a Harry Potter character; maybe it was the badass beard he was sporting.

Keep checking the blog over the coming months.  We’ve got a super busy semester planned and we’ll keep you entertained with our tales from the road both here  and on our Facebook page!  Be sure to become a fan of ours on FB!

I Met a Maverick . . .

Actually, I met a lot of Mavericks. Yesterday, I got to bring Students Fight Back! to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, home of the Mavericks . . . and they are AWESOME! I arrived in Omaha and it was sunny and 70 without a cloud in the sky. In case you are wondering, that is a sure fire sign of a great event to come. While my hotel reminded me a little bit of The Shining (a possibly bad omen), I had a feeling that the Mavericks would be a lively and enthusiastic crowd. As it turns out, my intuition was right on. The organizers and the crowd were so welcoming and engaging and everybody really embraced the palm-knee-knee, even our “Scary Bad Guy,” David. Thanks for being such a great sport!


I Heart PA!

So…it’s no secret that I love Pittsburgh. I may have mentioned that a few times in past blogs. Erin had spoken at Cal U the night before so we met at Schenley Plaza– which is right in the middle of the Pitt campus and Carnegie Museum. I will have you all know that the first words out of her mouth were “Is it possible that I have totally underestimated Pittsburgh!?” Yes. Yes it is… J

I pretty much love PA in general…so I was SUPER excited to speak at Penn State and Juniata!!

After a great Easter weekend with friends and family I headed out to State College on Tuesday afternoon.  Now, I pretty much know everything about this school. I grew up hearing all about “Happy Valley”, the football team and I would say about half the students who went to my high school went here.

The Girls Fight Back program was sponsored by the Center for Women Students and co-sponsored by the school’s Men Against Violence chapter.  Penn State definitely lived up to my expectations. Great campus. Great Students. Special thanks to Susan DelPonte for bringing us…and for working so hard to help make the students on campus safe.

On Wednesday, I made my way over to Juniata College for a Students Fight Back presentation.  I had a few friends who graduated from here as well. When I arrived on campus, I was actually pretty bummed it was not a school I had considered, as the campus was absolutely beautiful. It’s just the kind of school I would have chosen while playing the “ If I’d known then what I know now” game.

The group here was a little smaller, which is great because it allowed for one on one time and I got to hear some great questions and feedback.

Thanks to Kristen and my “scary bad guy” who is a great a computer technician as he is a helpful target. J

St. Charles Community College Fights Back!

Let’s just say the lunch hour at St. Charles Community College went a few steps beyond PB&J yesterday. I brought Students Fight Back! to a great group of men and women, and they were fierce. By the end of the program, they were setting boundaries, throwing knees and kicking ass all around. Just another day in the life, right?

I want to thank Kelley and Mandi from Student Activities for hosting a great event, as well as my fearless Scary Bad Guy volunteer, Tyler, and our excellent tech guru, Jason. Everyone came together to make the event a huge success – I just hope the crowd had as much fun as I did! (I’m pretty sure they did. Or else they’re good at faking it…which usually ends up being more of a hassle than it’s worth, if you ask me.)

On a side note, yesterday’s event marked my 10th FBP program. I shed a small tear as I thought about how lucky I am to be involved in such an incredible organization. Truly, the men and women behind Fight Back Productions are world changers. To all of you – and you know who you are – let’s keep kicking ass, at SCC and beyond!

PS. If we ever offer Girls Fight Back anywhere in the Caribbean, Western Europe, Hawaii or Australia, I’ll take one for the team and BRING IT (in the most beautiful places on earth).

Fierceness in Fargo

First things first. People in Fargo have sweet accents. OK, that just had to be said and now we can move on. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to bring Students Fight Back to North Dakota State University and it was all kinds of awesome! I have to give a quick a quick shout out to Jordan from Campus Attractions for bringing me and Andy for being my Scary Bad Guy even though he was afraid I would go Miss Congeniality on him.

As an added bonus, the people in Fargo are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met. Even the gentleman at Hertz was very nice and accommodating when I absolutely insisted I get something other than a minivan for a rental. Yes, Hertz really tried to give me a minivan. I would have been fine with a creepy, windowless cargo van but a minivan is absolutely out of the question. 🙂

Thanks for having me NDSU!

Fight Back Fall Tour Wraps Up at Loyola

Well, folks, that’s all she wrote. The Fight Back Productions 2009 Fall Tour has come to an end. And I can’t think a more perfect place to sign off than on the shores of beautiful lake Michigan at Loyola University in Chicago, hometown of our esteemed founder, Erin Weed.

I brought Students Fight Back to an enthusiastic group of men and women who sacrificed part of their valuable Saturday night learning to be their own best protectors. A big thanks to the rock stars of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, which sponsored the event. Their eagerness to help spread this important message is truly inspiring. And I must say, they’ve got a natural knack for laying the smack down.

OK, ass kicking aside, I have to ask an honest question. Is it completely and totally lame that it’s 10:01 on a Saturday night, I’m in possibly the most fun city in the country, and I’m alone in a hotel room bed in flannel pajamas? Could I morph into my grandmother a little faster please? But I gotta tell ya, speaking really takes it out of you. It was all I could do to drag my ass into Chipotle (I know – a real Chicago original), snarf down a burrito and then crawl into bed. I’m so ashamed.

But tomorrow! Oh tomorrow, Chi-town, you and I will spend some quality time together. After I’ve had a good night’s sleep. And possibly another burrito.

Michaela Jackson, reporting from the GFB ’09 Fall Tour, over and out.

Buckeyes Fight Back at Ohio State!

Wet weather in Columbus, Ohio last night moved Welcome Week festivities hosted by Alpha Phi Sorority indoors, but that did stop a group of more than 200 sutdents from kicking ass and taking names! Students Fight Back rocked the Ohio State RPAC yesterday for an awesome crowd of men and women fired up about being their own best protectors.

The seminar was awesome, and everyone walked away pumped with energy – which is a really good thing, because the event following SFB was no spectator sport. Hundreds of students crammed into the huge gymnasium for an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest pillow fight. Alpha Phi even had pillowcases custom printed with the Students Fight Back logo for everyone who attended. Thank god for Welcome Week events giving out something other than t-shirts, right? These pillows are awesome (mine particularly came in handy on my 6 a.m. flight home this morning!)!

Ohio State is undeniably one of the nation’s largest universities, and boy do they have the spirit to match. Thanks to everyone who made last night’s event such a success! And good luck holding on to that pillow fight record!

Remember the Alamo

AlamoI am sitting on my return flight from San Antonio right now after only 3 hours of sleep and wondering what possessed me to take the earliest available flight today.  But, hey I’ll be home before I know it, right?

My time in San Antonio has been brief (less than 24 hours), but awesome!  I have loved the weather (hot and humid – just like home) and actually got to do a little sight seeing!  My hotel room wasn’t ready when I got in, so I cruised on downtown and took in the sights at Riverwalk and the Alamo.

But I wasn’t here to enjoy the attractions!  I was here to deliver a Students Fight Back presentation at the University of Texas – San Antonio and man, those kids were awesome!  As soon as I got there the room flooded with volunteers from the Campus Activities Board, Student Wellness Center, Women’s Resource Center, peer educators, etc. etc.  They were all excited and ready to rock.  We got started pretty late, but hey, college kids are used to late nights!  The presentation was great and very interactive.  Afterwards, I stuck around to take some of the audience through some ground fighting techniques.  And the best part of all?  I didn’t get lost!  Not on the way to UTSA and not going back to the hotel!  For me, that makes a really great gig!

FBP productions will be back in Texas in just a little over a week to deliver the goods at Texas State University – San Marcos and Baylor University.  It isn’t too late to get your school on our rockin’ Fall 2009 tour! Contact us for more info!