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Students Fight Back is the                                and empowerment-based self-defense program for colleges and universities!

#1 personal safety

We empower students of all gender identities to manage their safety and live limitlessly!

Students Fight Back was developed from the need we saw to expand on the original Girls Fight Back curriculum and bring a message of safer campuses and practical violence prevention skills to a gender-inclusive audience. Our program is for people of any gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ability level, or are welcome here!

We need everyone to work together in order to create a world free from violence, abuse, assault, and harassment.

Gender Inclusive & Title IX Compliant!


Self-defense is about MORE than physical skills, which is why Students Fight Back is essential education for ALL students!

WATCH Our Trailer

Students Fight Back is the #1 personal safety and self-defense program for colleges & high schools! Our interactive seminar is Title IX Compliant, and we’ve worked with campuses in almost every state with dozens of repeat clients! Our empowerment-based self-defense seminar strives to make risk recognition, preventing violence, and fighting back an approachable topic for everyone on college campuses and beyond.


We believe that we can simultaneously work to prevent violence at its source and offer people the skills to manage their safety in the present. We don't want to avoid preparing for the possibility of violence by pretending it doesn't exist! We want students everywhere to have the freedom to live confidently and limitlessly!

“I was just able to participate in your Students Fight Back session and was so overwhelmed with joy and inspiration with your work.  I was so inspired by your presentation today I had tears in my eyes. Your language, inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community and disabled community, and respect for pronouns made me feel SO much joy.  Thank you for all of your amazing work.”



WHAT We Teach

The Students Fight Back interactive seminar is 75 minutes + Q&A and includes these key components:

  • Using your intuition

  • Situational awareness

  • How to be an active bystander and a good ally

  • The definition of consent

  • How to support a survivor

  • How to set boundaries that work for you

  • Verbal de-escalation skills

  • The basics of physical self-defense in our #BadassBasics

  • Plus how to sign up for a full-contact adrenaline & scenario based self-defense course near you!

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Award Winning Program!


WHY We Teach

Heading to college often means moving to a new city, state, or country. That can be intimidating and scary! It means leaving behind friends from high school and learning to make new ones. It means having an entirely new level of freedom and independence while trying to navigate your own boundaries and those of others. It means learning how to make decisions on your own and managing your safety, relationships, academic work, personal space, and time.

At Students Fight Back, we teach skills that can help students manage all of these things from a place of confidence and empowerment. We'll talk about real issues and address practical ways to handle uncomfortable or threatening situations.

We combine a fun and empowering attitude, a dynamic presentation, and the best safety and self-defense methods available. We aim to create a safe and compassionate space to learn practical and simple violence prevention skills that students can use anywhere. Using evidence-based strategies, we are committed to teaching students how to be their own best protectors using both verbal and physical skills.


We want students in our audience to learn that they are fully capable of managing their safety and protecting themselves while being allies to others. This program is designed to give them the tools they need to do so. Through this work, we know we can create stronger communities and safer environments for all students.  We work with campuses to customize each program to include local and campus resources and reporting structures as needed in addition to the national resources we always include.

Students Fight Back is our way of ensuring that the message of empowering people with safety options gets out to the largest audience possible. Together we can create a world free from violence and help everyone live safer lives…without limits!

“Thank you, Nicole.  Your presentation was just what we needed—expert information and very engaging presentation.  It’s not easy to find great content and a great presentation in one package, but you delivered both.” 


Positive Effects From Our Training

Learning Outcomes Include

  • ​​Improved confidence and self-esteem

  • Reduced anxiety & hyper vigilance

  • Greater general awareness

  • Increased comfort interacting with new people

  • Changed attitudes about sexual assault

  • Increased problem solving skills

  • Increased self-efficacy & autonomy

  • Improved communication skills

  • Skills and education students can use today and forever!


to empower your campus community!

“Finding an acceptable Title IX compliant program for our New Student Orientation has been one of the most difficult tasks of my career. Students Fight Back not only treats the topics with respect and perspective, but makes it near impossible to not be fully engaged. They bring relatable storytelling and practical intervention and self-defense techniques in a way that is memorable and useful. We have finally found the right program for Carthage.”


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