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VeryWellFit voted Girls Fight Back
Best Online Self-Defense Class for Groups & Organizations!

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“If you’re looking to spur positive change, inspire hope, and motivate courage in people’s lives then look no further. Nicole delivered an impact filled presentation on the importance of boundaries, using one’s voice, standing up for ourselves and others. She also presented thought provoking information on personal safety, awareness and other facets of human psychology. Her compelling training sparked stirring discussions and helped all of us understand the significance of our emotions, our interactions with others and intuition. She is a true advocate in every sense of the word. Our experience in working with her was professional and flawless from the start, even with the COVID-19 implications. Her adaptability in providing us with such an engaging and compelling virtual training was truly exceptional. We are grateful to have had this opportunity of working with her and highly encourage others to invite Nicole into their community for a truly captivating and passionate experience.”


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Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Hailey, Flintridge Prep

Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Hailey, Flintridge Prep

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Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Nicolle, Flintridge Prep

Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Nicolle, Flintridge Prep

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Girls Fight Back: Student Testimonial- Kyrmina, Flintridge Prep

Girls Fight Back: Student Testimonial- Kyrmina, Flintridge Prep

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“Nicole is the best, most engaging presenter I have seen in a long time!

Girls Fight Back

“I thought it was really awesome that the speaker made sure to clarify that teaching self-defense doesn’t equal victim blaming, and that the criminal is the one responsible for the crime. I also liked that that the speaker discussed self-defense and assault/violence in a very empowering and compassionate way.”


“Nicole’s presentation went great! She was really engaging and interacting with the students. We enjoyed the step-by-step basic self- defense, she made everyone feel comfortable and created a safe space for students to be able to try it out!  Her travel stories were also very engaging and captivating. Nicole is a GREAT speaker. Nicole was very helpful in creating a space for students to ask questions, I enjoyed the time she had with the students."

Jocelin Crisantos
Graduate Intern Women's Center
Eastern Connecticut State University

“We were so excited to partner with Girls Fight Back to host a virtual self defense training session as part of our Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series, which is a program geared towards high school students who identify as female. From start-to-finish the process was informative, collaborative and seamless. Nicole is an absolute rock star and made a virtual event fun, engaging and empowering for all who attended. As a result of the session, young women in our community are now more equipped with practical and empowering options for violence prevention and self-defense.”

 Denver Broncos Community Development

“Nicole is incredibly knowledgeable about self-defense and is generous in her approach. She focuses on risk recognition in a way that opens up possibility rather than shutting it down. She encourages discussion with a curiosity of spirit and a sincere interest in what participants have to say.
Her enthusiasm and her warmth are contagious; students invariably come out of her classes feeling stronger, happier, and more confident than when they came in. Nicole makes self-defense training fun as well as informative.”


“It is not always that I send out a note of thanks following contracted training, but sometimes payment cannot cover the gratitude of great inspiration when flawlessly provided. Nicole’s unique style and passion for giving the world a fighting voice is amazing. I have received countless messages from all over the Coast Guard regarding your training and the positive message it contained. I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your talents with our members, and changing the conversation to one of empowerment, not fear. You are truly a leader in violence prevention, and we welcome you to share again with the United States Coast Guard. Thank you for a job well done!”

Andrea Mckie, CIV, COMDT
US Coast Guard

“GFB is truly sensational and inspirational. I love that she didn’t make me fearful of attackers or of being attacked. Instead, it made me aware of my surroundings, and her techniques made me feel safer. This presentation is one that I would definitely see again.” 

Suzanne Smith
Texas A&M University

“Thanks for the workshop Nicole. I’ve done a bunch of training including defensive tactics instructor courses and this was the best, most affirming, and positive I’ve seen. Your approach is very empowering! You’re an awesome teacher and facilitator.”

Brie Chartier

“Nicole was amazing. She was high energy for both presentations, with a willingness to connect with the students and share more tips during lunch. I appreciated her from the first planning meeting over the phone to the day of her presentation. Her willingness to incorporate University of Redlands bystander information added an extra level of excitement.”

Erica Moorer
Title IX Coordinator
University of Redlands

“GFB is amazing at getting this important information to women in a way that is empowering and engaging. I don’t think that I have ever heard anyone speak about self-defense with that much enthusiasm and humor.” 

Stephanie Ahrens
Baylor University

“Nicole's Run Into Your Power seminar was empowering, effective, and approachable. In the course of 1 short hour, Nicole is able to transform any fears or anxieties her audience has towards personal safety into feelings of confidence and trust in oneself. What's even more impressive, is that she is able to do this with a mixture of warmth and compassion, that speaks from reason and credibility but does not invalidate any fears or anxieties her audience may have had about personal safety.


Just two weeks after Nicole presented at our company, an employee who attended  the seminar had an unfortunate run in where they had to defend themselves against another individual. Luckily they were okay, and afterwards they spoke to how Nicole's tactics helped them in that situation and how appreciative they were to have learned those tools.”



“I was there with my 14-year-old daughter! So impressive. I am a fire and life safety educator for Massachusetts and can honestly say Nicole’s presentation was by far the best. What a phenomenal organization! Keep up the fantastic work.”

Liz Shannon
Nantucket Community Event

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Nicole was awesome and we look forward to doing more work with you all soon. I know our students were very interested in the Self Defense training class so we may be in touch regarding the course. But overall, everything was awesome. Thank you!”

Darius Darling
Student Life Coordinator
Indiana Tech University

“Nicole was wonderful, the students loved her! She is very warm and welcoming and has a great energy about her.” 

Shandy Stomieroski
Assistant Director of Student Life
Cascadia College

“Thank you, Nicole.  Your presentation was just what we needed—expert information and very engaging presentation.  It’s not easy to find great content and a great presentation in one package, but you delivered both.”

Andrea Grindeland
PTSA Education Chair
Monta Vista High School

"I can’t recommend Nicole highly enough.  She has led several workshops for me – one at my office and one for my teen daughter and her friends.  She is the perfect mix of accessible and professional and highly engaged.  I think these kinds of classes are more and more important these days than ever before."

Shawn Lacy
Partner & Managing Director

“You were graceful and patient, as always - and still brought your enthusiastic and authentic self. Thank you, once again, for an exciting, expert, sensitive, and informed evening of information sharing and skill-building. All of them had great things to say and learned much. One person stayed behind to chat and not only shared a good deal about their experience(s), but also told me they left being very glad they’d come. Thanks again for your critical and life-changing work.”

Kimberly Schrader
Title IX Coordinator
Knox College

"Nicole's presentation was remarkable! Her presentation ranked in the category of highest registrants coming in 2nd to our all time high. We have received nothing but positive comments and the employees found the information to be of great value. Our VAL's are looking forward to her training session next week. Nicole is a joy to work with and we look forward to many more future collaborations."

Lori Newell, MS, HS-BCP, CA
Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator, 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

“Students Fight Back was successful, our students got to learn Badass Basics, and that was very important. I personally liked it when she explained setting up healthy boundaries, when to say no. The audience interaction was great. I will definitely recommend this presentation to my colleagues. The Q&A time was enough and there was great student engagement during Q&A sessions. Lasty, I want to thank Nicole for being kind and humble and teaching something that was necessary for our students.”

Bishal Adhikari
Student Activities Council
Director of Lecture Programming
Northwest Missouri State University

“Finding an acceptable Title IX compliant program for our New Student Orientation has been one of the most difficult tasks of my career. Some are seen as too flippant about the topics at hand, while others too dry and unengaging. Students Fight Back not only treats the topics with respect and perspective, but makes it near impossible to not be fully engaged. They bring relatable story telling and practical intervention and self-defense techniques in a way that is memorable and useful. We have finally found the right program for Carthage.”


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