Girls Fight Back was born in direct response to the June 2001 murder of a dynamic, athletic, and loved college student named Shannon McNamara. After Shannon’s death, her friend and sorority sister, Erin Weed, realized the need for practical and empowering options for young women in college to learn violence prevention and self-defense. Inspired by the way Shannon fought her attacker, Erin immersed herself in training with the best violence prevention experts and self-defense trainers in the world and, from this, developed the GFB seminar. By combining core values, a fun and empowering attitude, and the best safety and self-defense methods available, Girls Fight Back was born.

In 2020, Nicole Snell took over as owner and CEO of Girls Fight Back. This sisterhood of the traveling bad asses continues to grow and strives to make preventing violence and fighting back an approachable topic for everyone on college campuses and beyond with the addition of other great programs including, Students Fight Back (gender inclusive and Title IX compliant), S.A.V.E., Yes I’m Hiking Solo and Fight Back on Spring Break.


Students Fight Back

Students Fight Back offers the same basic skills in Girls Fight Back, because contrary to what society might tell us, people of all gender identities can benefit when it comes to learning personal safety and self-defense. And, we can all come together to be active bystanders and create safer communities on campus and beyond. This program has a strong emphasis on how we can all partner together to put an end to violence. It is gender inclusive and Title IX compliant. This program is also 75 mins + Q&A.

Fight Back on Spring Break!

Fight Back on Spring Break is a specialized version of Students Fight Back. It is also gender inclusive and puts special attention on how we can be safer and look out for each other more actively on Spring Break or any time we want to be social, have a good time, or travel away from home. This program is also 75 mins + Q&A.


SAVE (Safety, Assertiveness, Violence Prevention, Empowerment), is designed for companies, businesses, or private groups that want to empower their employees or community with both personal safety tools and discussions on how to avoid awkward social interactions with colleagues and co-workers by setting clear boundaries. SAVE is a gender inclusive, comprehensive, interactive seminar that includes hands on practice for setting boundaries in a respectful, confident way in addition to working on physical self-defense techniques. The material can be customized to fit your organizations needs and messaging.